Bunny kick on my arm OUCH

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Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 12:30pm PST 
My cat has recently developed a bad habit. I hold her by scooping her up, then letting her sit or stand on my left forearm.

Just recently, she'll sometimes grab hold and bunny kick the hell out of my arm. I first noticed it when the weather got colder and I was wearing a leather jacket, so it didn't really do any damage.

Yesterday, I grabbed her as she was going into a storage area she's not allowed in, and I was walking her over to someplace more appropriate, like her cat tree, and she did it again.

I felt her tensing up, but I wasn't expecting it, so she got me pretty good.

What should I be doing to break her out of this habit?

If I feel her tensing up like that again, I'd have one opportunity for action.

Or she might surprise me, and I'd have to take action after she nails me.

Any suggestions?

Midnight - the House- Panther

Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 12:45pm PST 
Midnight does this, and claws and bites. I've learned the best way to take him from a place he isn't allowed is to carefully pick him up under the 'arms' and support his rump with the other hand.

It could be that you holding her that way is exposing her belly, and that triggers her response to protect herself.

Leather can sometimes trigger a response to bite too...sort of like 'prey'.


Purred: Wed Jan 9, '13 4:40am PST 
My roommate carries her a little differently than I do. He says his style gives him better control of her back legs.

It's kinda backwards from what I do, but I think he has her sit on one forearm, butt towards the inside of his elbow, feet essentially in his hand. Then he brings his other arm across, sort of like he's hugging her, and she rests her front paws on his chest or shoulder or something like that.

I'll have to figure it out and report back how it goes.