Aggression towards other kitties

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I will rule the- world right- after a nap
Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 11:03am PST 
Mommy is thinking about getting a second cat but she's really worried about it. I had a sister for a while, before Mommy left the Mean Man and I hated my sister. I'd hiss and swat constantly! The poor dear was never allowed to leave the guest bedroom.

To this day I hate sharing space. It's so bad that when a stray kitty goes on the back porch, I bristle and yowl Mommy has to put the food for him out of sight.

She's tried the feliway and various calming essences but nothing seems to work. Whenever I see a cat, I get possessive!

Mommy wants to bring a stray home to love and give me a companion so I'm not so clingy but she's worried. She thinks that maybe I'll never get another kitty a chance and bully him.