Establishing a Pecking Order Among Males...

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Hi Everybody!!!
After posting on Dogster for quite some time I realize I can come over here with my catty issues.

First a background-Mr. Foot is about seven, neutured. The biggest cat of 7. When his father and uncle died last year he became the more or less dominant oldest male cat of the house.

He was also the last holdout when we got our dog Sophie some years ago. All the other cats either ignored her or learned to hang out with her. Not Foot...for a month he stayed upstairs and refused to have a dog in his house. I even had to pluck a claw out of that poor dog's forehead when they ran into each other.

Then Foot had a change of heart. The female cats in the house would rip him a new nose if he tried to get frisky with them. So...the DOG...EXCELLENT...so what if she's fifty pounds heavier and towers over him...what a woman!!! So for several years Mr.Foot would corner Sophie and try to hump her unless a human stepped in to stop him.

Now we have Callie, a neutured American Bulldog. Very patient with the cats but no way is anyone humping him. Foot will sit on one side of the babygate to the basement and Callie on the other. Foot growls, Callie growls, and they throw each other death stares.

Then they both get tired and walk away until the next round. The question is, do you think they'll eventually resolve something or what? We have another cat Felica who hates dogs and other cats too and is basically the basement cat because except for the back porch she doesn't go anywhere else. Guess some cats are just more stubborn than others.


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Just like you cannot make a person like another person - it goes the same way with kitties. Hopefully as time goes on though, they will at least learn to tolerate each other.