jealousy in my cat Poppy.

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Purred: Wed Nov 28, '12 12:11am PST 
My five year old cat Poppy, did something totally inapropriate tonight. I had my kitten Imo sleeping on my lap, and as soon as she saw this she deliberatly backed her behind up to my wood roll top desk and started urinating on the bottom drawer. I was flabbergasted. She knew that this was wrong and not normal behavior for her. I know that she was expressing her Jealousy of Imo, because she does not like sharing my attention with Imo. I picked her up after my anger had subsided and loved her up. Wow if what she did was not an act of Jealousy I dont what is. She let me know exactly how she felt. I want all my kitties to know that I love them all the same What should I do along with showing her more attention that I havent changed in my love for her. shock


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Purred: Tue Dec 4, '12 11:41am PST 
I would make sure to give her lots of one on one time - always feed her first, give treats or pets to her first.