Scratching at the door at night

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My cat sleeps with me then she wants to go out and my door is closed she keeps scratching I get up let her out close the door again and I'm sound asleep scratching again and I open the door it goes on and on I like my door closed. I like my door closed because it's noisy at night because I there is always people stomping down the stairs by my room. HELP!!!!! I can never sleep! cat on moon please give some advice!,,

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your cat scratches the door because they know you will open it. the cat has 'trained' you well.laugh out loud

It will be a bit hard to get the cat out of the habit. you can try to ignore the cat when it wants to be let out (or in. whichever room has its litterbox is the room it should stay in) this may or may not work. you would have to totally ignore the cat for the entire night for a few nights. no talking to the cat, yelling, or touching the cat. most cats will test your resolve for sure.

If thats not possible you might have to just leave the door open a crack. maybe get some ear plugs?

My cats will cry when they are locked out of my bedroom but not when locked in (unless im not in there) whenever we have guests over, my cats know they are locked in the bedroom at night and i wont let them out untill morning. This took a few nights of willpower.


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my cat used to do that...cats are nocturnal...they hunt at night...i keep my door open at night but she would paw at my room mates door...but only at night time when i want to sleep. so i have got her some mice to play with at night to take her attention off of the door...my room mate leaves her door open at night...but emma never goes in there at night...she sleeps in her bed beside my bed...it took sometime...and some sleepless nights but she now sleeps all night long.