shes so bored!

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I think my little Lily is bored with her toys! She has countless balls, and different mice of different textures, and bells, and feathers on a wand, and a laser pointer, and a crunchy "tube tunnel". The laser pointer is no longer exciting, I think shes figured out where the laser beam is coming from, so its no longer exciting. Any ideas of some new games, new toys I can get her, that will challenge her mind and be fun again? She's already so smart for her 13 weeks of age, and I want to continue her learning and fun. What are some good toys that arent extremely expensive? (I've seen some at petsmart/petco that are like $20-$100). Callie on the other hand, she isn't bored, she lovss her mice. We got Callie from our woods, she showed up out of nowhere, and she was about 5 months when we got her, so she hasn't had all the learning experiences Lily has..but I want to keep Lily entertained and continuously "learning"

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Something you might be able to do that would make things interesting is letting her "hunt" for treats. Hide various cat treats around your house, and make a game out of seeing how many she can find. Don't hide them in the same place all the time. A cat has an excellent sense of smell, and this would stimulate her senses.


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Look around the house! crunchy paper, paper bags with no handles, boxes with hidey holes cut out. Sometimes my kitties have more fun (especially Tigger) with the very crunchy paper that came in a box as packing material. He played for days jumping & sliding on it. Felix loves milk rings, but I had to stop giving him them, because he was chewing them & swallowed a piece (he brfed it back up thank goodness) but you would be suprised what they play with!

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The best thing is to rotate toys. Gather up all toys and put them in a box someplace the cate can't get. Get a few new ones or make some new ones (look on the internet for ideas)leave them out for a week or so. then put those away and bring out some of the 'old' toys. the idea is to put up the old boring toys untill the cats forget about them. then when they come out there new. you can also try freshening them up with cat nip, or even rubbing treats on them. put up the tunnel and get a cat cube. there about 3.99 at walmart. leave that out a while and when they get bored of that bring out the tunnel maybe? My cats will play in a cube until it wears out. i dont buy a new one right away, so when i do get a new one they go crazy.

I usually leave out a few 'mouse' or ball toys. I allways put up all wand toys and only bring them out to play with the cat. i let her catch it a few times then put it away. Cats want unpredictable toys and novel toys. Luckly cats have a short memory when it comes to toys, so you can make old toys new toys just by putting them away for a time.

Tiny has a super special toy i only throw for her every so often. its a tiny wool ball. I play fetch with her for a while then put it away in a drawer. She goes totally nuts for the ball when i bring it out.

another thing you can do is make puzzle boxes or get a treat ball. treat balls are large plastic balls with a hole in it. cats roll it around to get treats. you can also cut holes into a box and put treats in it. again, the key is to only put treats in it some of the time so it dosnt get boring. you might have to 'help' the cats figure out the treat ball at first.

Lastly, do you have any cat towers? if you cant afford a large one, see if someone good with woodworking can make you a small one. or walmart has ones made of plastic and 'cat cubes' that work okay for playing. but some cats dont like them.

the cubes look like this http://images.mylot.com/userImages/images/postphotos/2290420.jpg

and they come in single packs (my cats LOVE them) or some come in like a little tower thing.