cat with spraying issues coming into home

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So my fiance's parents have two male cats. They are littermates and 17 years old. They have always sprayed in the house. They are indoor/outdoor cats with one litter box downstairs. His parents are fed up with the cats spraying and they want to euthanize them. Well, since they are still healthy cats we don't like this option. So, instead we offered to take one of the cats to see if that helps with the problem since the males will not have to compete over the same space.

My question is will the cat conitune to spray out of habit? Or is it something we need to play by ear? I can get him tested for any medical condition and get feliway but I am not sure if this will help being in a new environment. We also have two dogs, will that make him feel the need to spray? He does know the dogs, since they have been coming over to his parents for years. Thanks for any help. I have always owned dogs and this would be my first cat.