im having a problem with babe

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i have a problem with babe i have to put hair ball remover on her paws it is called nutri vet she really freaks out when i do it i want to make it fun for her when i reach for the medicine she tries to run and hide i have to pick her up and hold her down i talk to her while i put it on right now i dont have anyone that can help me after i put it on shes runs and hides for the rest of the day couild i put this on her fur instead of her paws i really dont want her to be afraid of me


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can you mix it in some wet food? That may be easier for both of you. Also if you are nervous when you are doing this, your kitty is going to pick up on that & it will scare her. Will she lick it from your finger? It needs to be a positive experience for you both.