Not Sure How He'll Handle It

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I found out recently that I'm pregnant, and a fairly decent way along. My fiance and I are a little worried about how Bandit will react to the new arrival. He's pretty tempermental already. He's dog aggressive and timid around new people. Since he was already eight years old when we got him, we know he's pretty set in his ways and it would be hard to teach him differently.
My fiance hinted that he thinks it may be best to rehome Bandit, but I really don't want to do that to him. It took him a little while to adjust to us, so rehoming him again would be difficult for him. Not to mention he's become a part of our life. Every time one or both of us is be having trouble, Bandit always seems to place himself right where he can comfort us.
Does anyone know how we can possibly get Bandit to chill out a little before the baby arrives? If it comes to it, rehoming him is our very last option, but I'd rather have him stay a part of our family.

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Aww Congratulations on your baby! hope you are all well and healthy.
I know it is a bit scary right now, you've got lots to do and yeah....Life is going to change dramatically for every one...and yeah its going to change for Bandit too....Unfortunately thats life (How cliche!!!) and there's no way you can look into a crystal ball and see how Bandit is going to react.
I share my home with three cats, my partner and our Baby daughter Samantha there is a life to be had with cats and children living together....dont worry there are things you can do in advance to help ease the transition a bit.
First....If you are setting up your Baby son or daughters bedroom i would highly reccomend keeping kitty out of it for the time being, i reccommend plugging in or spraying feliway (tm) in or around babies room a few weeks before he or she arrives (at least two), the hormones that feliway imitates will convinvce kitty this room is part of his or her home and safe place thus kitty may associate baby with the feeling and smell of the baby room, and this might also stop some jealousy....and hopefully any attempts from Bandit...to mark your Babys room as his own via spraying, scratching, urination or defication.
Jealousy is going to be an issue, so its going to take alot of extra cuddle sessions with kitty....maybe some treats, a soft word etc. Your life is going to be a flurry of quick naps, 4hour feeds, nappies, baby clothes and visators but as long as you can find a few minutes away from baby to sit with kitty and give him a bit of tlc....
Try to make sure Bandit has a ''safe place'' to hide, or take refuge incase things get too much for him,a cat tree, warm cupboard or cat bed in a quiet room away from the flurry of activity.
Also its a good idea to take Bandit for a quick check up at the Vets , get him any boosters he requires etc, that way you know hes in tip top shape before baby arrives.
I would say the best idea is to take things slowly, and please think very carefully , youve given Bandit his second chance at happiness in your home,and things are going to settle eventually.

Its very likely...that Bandit may Huff for a while, give you the silent treatment or act out a bit, but please be patient with him, and also please enjoy the experience of becoming a Mummy for the first time!
Its really beneficial for your son or daughter to have pets in the family home, it helps to instill the value of respect and care for animals, I love to watch our 2 year old daughter care for our cats, pet them , sleep with them and tell me how she thinks they are ''kuuuuuwel'' or ''cuuuute'', Cats are stubborn, and sometimes resistant to change, but every cat is different and you may be surprised....

hope everything goes ok, keep us posted.

Batfink, Gizmo and Roguey puss xxx