My new cat is terrified and agressive...

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Last sunday, my boyfriend and I adopted one of my friend's cat. She's a 4 years old cat. I had seen her 2 years ago and she was a nice cat, but my friend has been living abroad for 2 years and her parents were taking care of the cat.

So, now, we brought the cat. First he was just hiding, but he hid some place he shouldn't and peed, so we had to get him out. He growled like a hellhound and bit my BF. When he hides, whenever we come close (even without seeing him), he growls, hisses and spit. Last night, we were sleeping and he came in our room. My BF simply put his hand on the floor so he could smell him. Well, no; he hissed and came on top of the bed to growl at him. Even when I tried to give him treats, he will just hiss and try to bite if I come too close. I had my friend (previous owner) come over to try to soothe things. She was able to pet the cat, and even I could, but the cat still hissed, moaned and growled after a while; even at her. Any noise make her jump.

We live in a very small apartment, and we can't confine the cat in one room. My friend gave us everything the cat owned. She's using the litter and eating, but she spends most of the time hiding under the couch. I feel so bad for this cat; she's so frightened, it breaks my heart. Plus, I admit I'd like to be able to walk in my home without being growled at.


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The poor cat is confused at being taken out of the only home she knew. She just needs to have sometime to settle in and get used to you and your new boyfriend.

At this point I think it would be best NOT to try to put your hand out toward her, for some reason this scares her. Let her come to you and your boyfriend on her own. The move, combined with all the new smells and a strange place is what is making her so scared. Be patient.....she should settle in within a week or so, and good luck. Please keep us posted.

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try offering her treats wherever she is so she learns to associate you with good things. Also see if you can get her to play with some wand toys to help her relax.


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You might want to try a Feliway or ComfortZone diffuser. You plug it into the wall and it emits pheromones that help calm kitties. You might also want to just let your kitty hide for a while until he becomes comfortable enough to come out on his own. We live with a couple of cats who hid most of the time when they first came here, but now they only hide if they think they might be going to the vet. Be prepared though--it might take a few months for a kitty to become totally comfortable with a new home.

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Get a calming collar and put it on the doorknobs of your rooms. Poor baby is berift and frightened, in a new place with new people. Hissing is a defense mechanism.
I would probably start out with one room for the cat to get to know. It's not personal with your boyfriend, the cat doesn't know what's happened, and they mourn their place as much as their people.

hang in there. It will be ok.

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Thank you all for your responses!
I bought some pheromones and we started to 'ignore' her. Guess what? She's getting better! She hides a lot, but she comes out and come see us to be pet. She walks around the place and, most of the time, doesn't mind if I'm there. She still sometimes hisses and gets cranky, but there is still major improvement!


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Mom got me these treats called Calming from PetNaturals. They are for stress reduction. I have a fear issue because of a break-in at my home, but they can be used for fear & stress. I have only had 2, but it could be something else for your "arsenal" they are all natural.cat on moon

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Your cat is scared so that is the reason for the terror. You are getting better by offereing treats and ignoring the cat. Get some cat trees too. When my cat is upset, he will go to the cat tree and scratch it. It makes him feel better and allows him to mark the territory. Place two cat litter boxes; one where he went too. Use catnip for calming as well. The cat tree will double the space since you mentioned that your place is small. Glaxay Jackson on television has some great tips for dealing with scardy cats. Before you know, your cat will follow you around the house. To tell him that you love him, give him the slow blick eye. Never stare them down but closing your eyes slowly is saying " I love you.". Mine won't let me go to the bathroom alone. Go get some play wands and wave the wand to play with him. Playing makes them forget themselves.
Enjoy your new addition.