4 kitties frightened very badly

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Yesterday afternoon, someone broke into our home & stole a tv. My biggest concern, is that between the breaking glass & however much noise this &@^#%$$#$* made, and the alarm going off, it scared my 4 kitties BAD. After a while 3 were upstairs & a bit wary, but Felix came out, ran down stairs & is hiding. I found him & brought him up last nite to eat. He ate about 3 bites & went back down. I figured he would be a little better today, and brought him up. He heard me snap the poptab on the can & shot down again. I want him to eat, so I brought the dish down. He came out & started to eat, but heard someone thump upstairs & back into hiding. Tigger even ran down when he heard it (it was my mom in her room). Does anyone have any suggestions? I keep trying to be very quiet with him, and if he does not get hungry enough to come up, I will bring food down, as I want him to eat. I just don't want to see him cowering down there, it is breaking my heart - he was just starting to relax & loosen up. The tv, the damage..I don't care....The fact that they did this to my babies, I could use my bare hands and well..you know... I was thinking of moving the Feliway down there. Do you think a calming collar would help?

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There is a place in the lowest part of H#(( reserved for the person or persons who did that to your kitties. confused

Felliway would help and so would Rescue Remedy for Pets. We get it from eBay since we live in a very small town and don't have a pet store less than an hour away. You might be able to find it locally. I've used both when necessary and they're good products.

Please let us know how things go.