Silent Kitty Suddenly A Shy Singer

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Rub my tummy!
Purred: Sun Sep 2, '12 5:15am PST 
James, my boyfriend's cat, rarely makes a peep. Occasionally we'll get him excited enough about shaking the kibble dispenser he'll 'say please', but its always a petite little 'raa'. Recently, once every three weeks or so, we'll be sitting in the living room watching tv at night, when from the kitchen we'll hear a loud and rapid 'ROW. ROW. ROW. ROW. ROW. ROW. ROW.' We always end up jumping up and running in because we expect there to be something wrong. He once had a problem with being constipated where he would have a sad mew or two in the box, but there's been no litter problem and its not the same mew. He'll just be sitting in the kitchen staring at us with his huge eyes like he's saying, 'What? What are you looking at?'

One of my cats will do something similar. She'll go into the stairwell and yowl this really wild sound, and she'll also stop as soon as someone poke their head around the corner. We say she's just yodeling.

James has been fixed, is a single cat now (his housemate was twice his age and passed a year ago), and doesn't appear to be behaving differently at all otherwise. Mom in Law says maybe he's seeing ghosts. I think James is too much of a chicken to sit with ghosts.

A new neighbor did move in recently with a young male who sits on the front porch every now and then, but we never see him around when it happens, and James shows no interest in him during the day.


Mrs Foodie
Purred: Sun Sep 2, '12 6:14am PST 
Our Elder female Rogue is a very non vocal cat, she never meows, trills or ''speaks' the only time she vocalises is to tell other cats to go away. Rogue has a very Delicate stomach and is on a strict diet for over eating with her previous owner. There have been a couple of times, Rogue has found a scrap, the dark of the night i will hear her YOWL YOWL YOWL, this is the noise she would make before being sick or just having an upset tummy. The Vet now has her on a different food,and i have to hoover four times a day to make sure there is not a scrap on the floor.
Im not sure if this is the same for your kitty.
When i was younger i experienced one of our Cats Greive for his Brother for weeks and weeks he would trail the house calling out Yowling for his return, it was a sad thing to watch maybe this could be why kitty is shouting.
I would reccomend a quick trip to the vets just to rule out and underlying prroblems though. Hope you and Kitty are well .