Cat introductions

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Purred: Wed Aug 29, '12 4:28pm PST 
Hello everyone!

I am introducing my 4.5 year brother and sister cats to my boyfriend's 7.5 year old cat and have run into some issues. I have been following suggested tips like:

1) Room swapping
2) Feeding by the door
3) Minimal scent swapping

Those steps worked incredibly well after a week, so we moved on to feeding the cats in the open kitchen space. The feeding has been going relatively well, with some growling and hissing, but nothing too crazy.

Today, we were about to feed them and let them all out into the open space. Everything went well, until the "new" cat (7.5) year old, went to go hang out by the back door and my boy kitty went over and basically cornered him. Everything was going ok, with some growling/hissing until the girl kitty saw the commotion and ran over and basically jumped on the "new" cat. This made the "new" cat run across the house and the boy kitty chase him. They ran to the bedroom and I was able to separate them by loud clapping.

We immediately put the "new" cat into the safe room, and that's where they are at now.

Is it ruined? There was some swatting but nothing major. All the cats were frightened by the ordeal. Any ideas on where to go from here? Should we start over?


Purred: Thu Aug 30, '12 4:10pm PST 
I've never had this exact thing happen, of course. But we have been through a few introductions and I don't think anything is "ruined." I'd maybe back up a step and keep going slow. It sounds like you are doing a great job.