Cat Trees! Help!

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I didn't know where else to put this topic >.>

I'm looking into getting a cat tree for my cats to hopefully stop them from climbing on top of everything else and so they have something to sleep on, scratch etc..

I don't know which one to get! I need something that is durable so they can scratch it and won't tip over/is big enough for a fat cat. I'm looking online since the pet stores seem to only carry a couple...

So I was wondering, do you have a cat tree? Which one did you buy (if it's online)? Do your cats like it?


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The ones at Drs Foster & Smith look really nice & sturdy. I think they are on sale right now too. I am on the verge of ordering one, since the one my better half started making is still not completed. I did a search on Amazon, and found alot of them - just look at the reviews, cause some of them are cheezily made. I think PetPlace? not sure if name right is a good brand.

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Some pet trees are poorly made: flimsy thin plywood, cheap carpet that rips easily, exposed sharp nails, is easily tipped over, etc shrug The trees sold at Petco and Petsmart tend to be of this cheap type shrug

I suggest buying a tree from a reputable online place or at a cat show. These are well made and sturdy, though sometimes pricey.

Mountain Cat Trees
Angelical Cat Trees
Cat Tree Furniture
Kitty Mansions
Cats Play

Sometimes non-chain/independent pet stores/boutiques will have good quality pet trees. Ask at your local store smile

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