Cat HATES kids

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Purred: Sat Aug 25, '12 4:06pm PST 
This cat isn't very social to begin with.
Whenever people are over he will hide upstairs under the bed for hours after they leave. This behavior goes to the extreme if guests are small children.
Take my nephew for example. We will place a baby gate on the stairs so my nephew can't climb them. My cat will sit a few steps up and continuously hiss at my 2 year old nephew for little reason other them my nephew standing at the bottom. My nephew is actually gentle towards animals. Some of the strays that hand around our house let him go up and pet them. My other cat will let him as well.
Then you have my 8 year old cousin who is terrified of the cat because he will bat at her. He is declawed like my other indoor cat. Trust me, not my choice. I had to agree to it. However, he still has his back claws.
I'm scared to death that it will go beyond just hissing and batting when my nephew gets older. I also have to worry about my baby niece. I'm scared to death of him biting them. I just don't know what to do anymore. I've tried to slowly introduce them to Stormy but that didn't end very well.


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Purred: Tue Aug 28, '12 3:16pm PST 
Kids are great, but even the best behaved kids are boisterous - that is normal for any kiddo. Maybe she does not like the noise, or the way they smell differently. Cats are so sensitive to these things. Probably the best thing for the kids & for your kitty would be to put her in a safe quiet room when kids are around. That way no one gets hurt, and kitty will stay calm. At Thanksgiving, we have alot of family over, and the kids are all excited & jumping around. Tigger does not mind, but Maizy just wigs out. So before anyone even comes over, I put all of them in my room with water, food, box & toys & hang a sign on the door that kitties are sleeping! They all stay in there until after at least the kids have gone home. This way I don;t have to worry about anyone getting upset, or a kitty getting out by accident. Especially this year, with a new kitten that is a bit skittish - all 4 will be put in the bedroom to relax. Sometimes I even put classical music on to help them chill.