Outdoor cat to Indoor cat

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Purred: Wed Aug 22, '12 1:39pm PST 
Just recently my mother-in-law adopted an 8 year old cat from some friends. The cat was an indoor/outdoor cat. We do not want to let me outside because we have a lot of Racoons, coyotes,etc. in our area and we dont want it to get hurt or killed. Our biggest issue with him, is he is now scratching alllllll the furniture. He does this thing my husband and I call " Typing a memo", he sits on his butt in front of the tv stand, and digs his claws in to the door repeatedly, like he is typing. He is scratching the paint off of the door frame. Its just a pain. If we could get some help that would be great.


Mrs Foodie
Purred: Thu Sep 6, '12 12:01pm PST 
Outside cats and indoor cats both NEED to scratch, provide kitty with a sctatching board and pop it in front of the ares he scratches, when my carpets were laid i saved the spare bits and put them on bit of the wall in our walk in cupboard for our kitties to use too. there are some scratchers that are cat trees too , your outdoor to indoor kitty will love having some vertical territory . best of luck.


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Have them try a Feliway plug in or the spray on the areas he is scratching. He needs an appropriate spot that is ok to scratch. Feliway worked wonders for Tig.


Purred: Sat Sep 8, '12 5:50am PST 
We love the Feliway difuser too Tigger!! It worked wonders with our three kitties xxxxx