Ok i'm new and had a behavioral question

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Ok my 2month old kitten doesn't like to be held and he'll attack my hand and arm when im not even moving. And when i do hold him he'll meow and get angry, he even bit my chin once and when im holding him and talk sweet to him he'll cover my mouth with his paws. What do you think? Is he just spoiled?


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he needs some manner lessons. when he goes to bite, try & say OW NO BITE, or you can hiss, as silly as that may sound. He is really young, and would normally learn some of this from littermates. Try & distract him with a toy when he gets super excited. Do not use your hand as a toy - they do not understand the difference. Watch for his signals, ears back, eyes wide, tail whipping, these are signs that a bite is forthcoming. When you see any of this, calmi put him down, or walk away, or use another toy. Some kitties are not lap cats & do not like to be held. Of my current 3, only 1 will let me really hold him for a while. Hope this helps you a little bit.wave

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Yeah i have like battle scars from him lol everytime he goes to bite i tell him STOP and he jumps away. Apparently he gets mad though bcuz he goes and attacks my upper arm or shoulder and i tell him STOP and he runs off real quick

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Also try playing with him until he is exhausted. He may be attacking you because he has pent up energy.


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There are some cats that just don't like to be held. Period.

Now, I'm not just being a bragging meowmmy here, but my Coopurr really does have the sweetest disposition. He's one of the mildest tempered cats I've ever had the pleasure of knowing -- he's gentle, he's loving and so affectionate. He dolls out the headbutts. He'll kiss me on the lips. He'll even give kisses when you ask for one.

But when I pick him up, he squirms and cries. He doesn't get violent -- he never gets that way unless he's extremely over-stimulated in play. But he hates, hates, hates to be held.

That being said, you should come to some sort of happy medium. There may be times -- during illness or grooming -- that you do have to hold them. Just try to pick a very calm moment and try. Even if it's only for a few seconds. But keep repeating it and be gentle when you do, just to get the kitten used to being held. Even if it's just for ten seconds every night.

That's how I've managed to actually get Coop to sit in my lap. A few seconds at a time when we were both very calm. And when he fussed, I let him go. We started with ten seconds. Eventually we got to a minute. Now, he'll lie in my lap and just sit there for a few minutes while I pet him.

That's just my two cents, but I hope this will help.

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Don't worry, your cat is not "spoiled" just because he won't behave the way you want. When I first adopted my cat he was 4 months old and behaved the same way. Cats learn not to bite from playing with littermates at such an early age. Kittens especially have a ton of energy and will attack you if they want to "play" because this is how they play with each other. We got another kitten to be a playmate for our guy and also to teach him how to socialize. It was a great decision, as we now have two cats to love! He is now over a year old and still quite hyper but doesn't attack us nearly as much, though when he's overexcited he still nips. I've been told he will likely mellow out with age. In terms of holding, some cats just don't like to be held or pet, usually because they have sensitive skin. Be patient, and give your kitten outlets for all his energy.


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I agree with Coop's mom. Just like Coopurr, none of my boys like to be held. Shadow used to fall asleep in my arms when he was a kitten. Shadow wanted to be held and loved on the first 24 hours after we rescued him. Phantom used to sleep between my husband and I when he was a kitten. None of them like being held now. Shadow and Shade are both very affectionate, when they want to be. Shadow will jump up on the bed and love all over my husband and I. Shade will come up and give headbutts. But they will get very angry if we pick them up. Phantom is kind of a loner kitty. But if he's in a high up place he will let us love on him. If he's on the floor, he leaves. He'll tolerate being picked up, but not for more than a minute. He does think if he gives mama kisses, that I'll put him down though. lol. Some cats are just not cuddlers.


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thanks for all the advice and helpful hints but he's doing much better with me holding him. he'll still attack me though and it hurts worse now lol but trying to lure him with toys as best i can. he always loses them so i get pretty scratched up when toys are nowhere to be found. i think i just use my hands too much and he thinks i'm his personal play toy, lucky me lol