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Jelly Bean

Jelly Belly
Purred: Mon Jul 9, '12 11:53pm PST 
I am a four year old domestic shorthair calico cat. I am a wondeful baby girl who loves to train and learn new things. Currently I know over twenty tricks and in the past two days alone I learned two more! My mommy says I have the brain of a border collie laugh out loud I wanted to share a video of my amazing tricks with my fellow cats and cat lovers. I am also entered in the modern cat magazines cover contest. It is an extremely long shot for me to win ( and my mommy and I are rooting for Corky anyways)but we were also wondering if you guys could go and vote for me? My goal is to show the world that cats are smart and can be trained too! Thank you and please enjoy my video wave


http://www.moderncat.com/p hotocontest/cats/2012/07/03/queen-jelly-bean

Rossi Girl

spazzy kitten <3
Purred: Tue Jul 31, '12 3:38pm PST 
Awesome video! Love the leg weaves & light switch trick! I just started working with my little girl & she is catching on very quickly. Clicker training is the best way to go

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