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My wife and I will be away for three weeks
next month. We do not want to leave our cat (Tiger) in our house for that long. We would have someone come and check on him, change his litter, water and food.

We plan on taking him to my wife's parents house while we are in
Europe. Her parents have three cats in their house. Tiger and their cats were all strays that her father took in. He kept three and we took in Tiger.

We plan on taking Tiger to her parents house over the next couple of weekends to get used to the house and the cats.

Does anybody have any advice


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I strongly doubt that your kitty is going to enjoy the weekend visits - cats don't like change, they don't like strange places, and generally don't like strange cats. Your plan may be disastrous. It can take weeks or even months for cats to adjust to different homes and new cats. It's better if you just take your cat to your parent's house right before you leave on your trip and have them keep your cat in a room by herself.


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I agree with Monster. Unless its a show kitty, that is used to traveling for hours and hours, going to different show halls, different hotels, being handled all day, by different judges, the noise, the commotion, and takes it in stride, for the average kitty, who only travels to the vets, its only going to upset him.

He will not have enuff time, to adjust to the new house, new routine, new pets, for only 2 days, then he is back at his house. Its just too confusing and upsetting, to the average kitty.

If you don't want a pet sitter to come in, then Monster is right, take him to your parents, when you leave, and keep him in a seperate room.

Just a suggestion, ya might not want to post, in a public board, that you will be gone for 3 weeks. Anyone who googles a word or phrase, and if it is in one of our posts, it will come up, the entire post. Found this out, by accident, when doing research for some one. smile


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Every cat is different....that being said....I would take Tiger over to your parents rather than leave him at home for that long. My fiance and I went on a cruise last summer and left our almost 1yr old cats (kittens?) at his grandfathers house. Although the one cat who is very averse to change- she hid out for the first 3 days- was not pleased, the other extremely nebby and inquisitive one was completely fine. I'd say to take him over right before you leave because otherwise he might become frightened and uncomfortable for the visits, not understanding what is really going on. Best of luck that to your kitties for the transition and I hope you have a nice trip! smile