new kitten rolling in poop?

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Purred: Tue May 22, '12 4:06pm PST 
i just got my kitten on saturday so i've started the task to litter box train her. so when i see her starting to go i hurry up and put her in the box and make sure she stays there. she'll pee in the box jump out and decide she wants to poop on the carpet so i pick her up again and put her back. now this time she pooped in the box got out pooped on the floor and rolled in it. twice. i don't know why she is doing this or how to make her stop.


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How old is she? Her page says she's one month, which is far too young to be separated from her mother. Kittens usually learn how to use the litter box by watching their mom. Is there any way that she can be reunited with her mother for at least another month?thinking


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Where did you get your kitten, that she is not even 4 weeks old? She is way too young to be weaned, its usually done at 8 weeks.

The momma kitty teaches the kittens, how to use a litter box, usually at around 3-4 weeks old, so she is about the age, she would be learning from her mother. So you are going to have to teach her.

The litter box should be very shallow, so she can easily climb in and out of it. You cannot use clay litter, it hurts her little feet, your going to have to use the sand like kind. Put her in the box, several times a day, like in the morn, after she eats, after she gets up from a nap, and take her little paws, and simulate digging in the cat box. When she goes, praise her, never never scold her, she doesn't yet understand, what she is supposed to do.

I would leave the poopies or pee in there, until she gets the hang of it, the smell should attract her, and give her the idea where she is supposed to go, altho, some with more experience with this, might have a better idea.

What are you feeding her?

I got mine, when they were 8 weeks old, so they already knew how to use the box. The others should have even better ideas and suggestions, best of luck.


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She'll get the routine down eventually. I've fostered plenty of bottle-baby kittens; they all pooped on the floor while they were learning about the box, but then one day, they just seemed to get it!