Taking in a Friendly Stray

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Feed Me
Purred: Thu May 17, '12 11:26am PST 
For the last 8 months, I've been feeding the friendly, neighborhood stray, who is probably about a year old. He purrs up a storm and let's me pet him while he's eating. He recognizes me and runs to the food bowl when he sees me coming up the alley. I'm pretty sure he's nobody's cat.

I'm debating whether or not to adopt him and I've found a couple of area vets who will work with strays (he's already been fixed -- has a tipped ear). I have two cats already, so we'll have to go through the socialization process in my not terribly large house.

Has anyone had any experience litter box training an outdoor cat? Or turning an outdoor cat into an indoor cat? Should he remain an outdoor kitty? (if he's FIV, he'll more than likely remain outdoors). I wonder if trying to keep him in will drive him crazy. My two cats are indoor cats who would love to be outdoors!

I've been trying to lure him into my small backyard, which is surrounded by a 6' privacy fence, but he just won't come in. He used to hang with 3-4 neighborhood ferals , who have all disappeared since January. So I'm a little concerned about that.

I know I can't save every cat! I'm just looking for a little advice and feedback.



Pay attention to- me!
Purred: Thu May 17, '12 4:30pm PST 
If he IS FIV, Talk with river and Simone, as River is FIV. Under no circumstances let him out if he is.
Most cats will go for litter box. it's instinctual. have adopted 5 from "outside". and have been the best kitties i've ever had