Cell Phones and cats

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Purred: Sun Apr 29, '12 8:27am PST 
My 7-yr or so old cat, Liger, goes nuts and will whine constantly when I listen to music or anything coming from my exterior cell phone speakers.
I have to turn it off because she sounds like she is in pain. I cannot seem to find anything online. My best guess is something to do with frequencies? She does not cry around the TV or my home theater system.
Has anyone else noticed this behavior?


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Purred: Sun Apr 29, '12 11:01pm PST 
hmm interesting - there has to be a pitch that is bothering her ears. Worth investigating for sure...


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Purred: Mon Apr 30, '12 9:16pm PST 
You might want to see a vet for that... Worth investigating for sure!


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Purred: Tue May 1, '12 12:24am PST 
Yes! Monida does the same thing! I thought it was just her. Wow! She goes absolutely crazy when she hears music from the phone. I can't have it on around her or she tries to attack it. But she's perfectly fine with everything else. I wonder what it could be?


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Purred: Tue May 1, '12 7:39am PST 
It sounds like it might be a certain pitch or frequency that is causing your kitty trouble. I'd be interested to find out for sure!