My Cat Bites a lot & Chews Wired

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Hi all,

Fluffy is 9months old and he bites and chews wires a lot. (he already chewed the wires from: my laptop, cell phone charger, blow dryer, headphones, DS, etc several times, which I've had to replaced more than once already!) The vet recommended to get another kitten so he can play with, but, as much as I would love to, It's not possible for me to do that. The vet also suggested I should pinch him a little if he bites and scratches, but he gets more aggressive. I need more suggestions please.
thank you

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First, I would not listen to your vet's advice to pinch your cat. As much as we would like to think we could listen to anything our vet says about cats, sometimes they don't really know that much about behavior modification or nutrition. When our cats were younger and nipped us we would yell "Ouch" and redirect them to a toy.

I know it's a pain, but I would find some way to cat proof or hide the wires. They make covers for wires intended to shield them from pets. There are also other solutions, bitter sprays (but research thoroughly to make sure they won't harm your cat), motion detector sensors that spray a blast of air at the cat (called Ssscat), and other deterrent methods.

Also, there are toys made for cats that love chewing. Leo here is a chewer and likes the kitty kong toy we bought. If you google cat chew toys there are others, but read reviews for any safety problems.


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Hi Leo,
thank you for the response. Yes, I have tried the wire covers, which helps sometimes (I covered my laptop battery charger with it, but there was a small part uncovered,which my cat decided to chewed on, or my hairdryer). I don;t like pinching my cat at all. I did get him a lot of mice toys, which he loves (but he ends up loosing them all the time). But I will get him more toys to chew. thanks for the idea. I was also told, that once Fluffy gets "older", he will "calm down", not so sure if this will happen.


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It does get better. Smitty chewed through a phone cord, in several places!chew chew chew Then it just....stopped. You could try rubbing an orange peel on the wires. Cats do not like citrus smell - might help... They do indeed make quite a few chew type toys for kitties - I saw some that were catnip stuffed to encourage them to chew. Good luck!

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Daniel's mama here.....
I know this is an old thread, but I could use advice in this area. My boy Daniel chews on the cords to my stereo system and I've had to replace the cords 3 times now. They are LONG cords and I've tried sprays, but he does it when I'm not around. What can I do?
Also I was wondering what and where to look for wire covers....or if it's possible to wrap the wires in something to cover them.


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I have had immediate improvements using bitter apple spray.. Started using it 3 days ago and she doesn't bite them any more...

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Yes, Bitter Apple has worked for me. On the off occasion it hasn't, I redirect to a chewy toy.


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We also used bitter apple spray, which helped - but as was mentioned, after a certain time the behavior just stopped. Maybe it's a teething thing like human babies?