Discussion: Is too much love a bad thing?

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I may meow to- you if you're- worthy
Purred: Sun Apr 8, '12 4:31pm PST 
Are those the same people that wouldn't listen to you before about a health issue? You can never love someone too much. Some days mine can make me crazy but I would not trade that little face & meow for anything. When I am at my desk, and all 3 are in one of the baskets I have on the shelf right by me....well ya feel loved. Hunter just has so much energy he may not always know how to calm himself. Love is a wonderful thing & don't let them tell ya otherwise. and throw a pillow at them...


You're boring me
Purred: Fri May 18, '12 11:51pm PST 
Sounds like your co worker has never experienced the amazing bond one can have with a cat.....I spoil my cats to death, I only wish they were more lap type cats then they are. My late Gizmo was very needy, he followed me all day and never left my side and was very talkative about what he wanted. I'm a lil needy myself, so we suited each other well. I prefer needy cats over more Independence ones, but I love them all.

Spoil your kitty he deserves it, like people.. some kitty's need constant reassurance and love to be happy. Just shows in return what a good master you are since he loves you so much.


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Purred: Sat May 19, '12 6:18pm PST 
WOW! To answer your queston... NO kitty There are 4 kittys in this household and daddy loves all of us and gives us a lot of attention. He doesn't mind when we pester him and want to be petted or talked to. We give him lots of attention too and we like to interest him and let him play our games with us too.


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Purred: Sun May 20, '12 11:26am PST 
Too spoiled? Seriously? Cats are individuals and they tell you when they need something, they don't manipulate - thats what people do. Get new friends and keep loving your cat.

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

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Purred: Mon May 21, '12 5:04am PST 
Well this certain co-worker of mine, basically only cares about her cat when there is something wrong with him. He has been sick lately, and now all she talks about is her poor cat. I personally don't want to hear it. I told her what she needs to do, but she won't listen. Instead she brings the cat to the vet and spends $500 for the exact information I gave her. I no longer discuss animals with her. I get so frustrated.

I think in her situation, too much love would be a good thing, especially for the cat. wink


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Purred: Mon May 21, '12 10:11am PST 
Hunty, too much lovin' is never a bad thing, especially in this context. I've heard that same criticism directed at me, and you know what? One poor cat died because of the owner did not care about how his kid treated the animal, and the other is a very nervous, neurotic cat hermit.

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