Puppy and pregnant cat

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Hi y'all! I don't really have a problem yet, maybe it won't be an issue at all, I just want to know what you guys think. My husband and I have been looking for a puppy for quite some time, and we finally found an Australian Shepherd. We're going to bring her home in 3 weeks. We also have a cat, who has been socialized with other cats and dogs, so we didn't see a problem. Yesterday I went to the wet with her, and found out she's pregnant (around 20 days). I told the wet about the puppy, ask all the questions that should be asked, he just laughed, told me that everything will be ok, and just to relax and enjoy my "party" at home smile Do you guys have any tips on how to introduce them (is it different if the cat is pregnant?), where to place our pups bed and our cat's box? Also, do you have any tips on how to help out the momma? It's my first cat ever, and a PREGNANT one! Thanks in advance.

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Firstly, I would highly suggest you get your cat fixed after this. Sadly, there are way too many cats out there without homes, and every new kitten means that an adult cat will be put to sleep for lack of a home. I know this sounds harsh-but it's true.

This vet sounds sort of ignorant. I would very much suggest providing your cat a private and quiet room that is all hers that the pup has no access to. Pregnant cats can become much more territorial and less tolerant of other animals, as all their protective survival instincts to protect they and their young at this vulnurable time kick in.

Slow introductions are the norm. Has your cat been around other animals? Dogs may be a threat, and even a puppy may make your cat feel nervous. It's best to put up a screen door if possible between the room your dog is in and where the cat is. A safety gate might work too.

Some cats know dogs, and don't have a problem. Delilah, our recent foster, was ok with dogs because she had always been around them. However, such is not always the case.

Best of luck to you!


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The vet is PROBABLY right IF your momcat isn't TOO relaxed around dogs. but I agree with the post abov. , A young puppy should absolutely not be allowed access to new kittens even if the momcat is ok with it. I would try to put Mom in a small room with a gate where she can go meet the pup if she chooses, but when it's time to deliver she should be in something like a walk in closet or the like to make sure she doesn't allow the puppy in. Even if the puppy were older, until she gets used to cats, she may view them as toys. You will have to work with the pup to make sure she understands this is not the case. I have seen dogs that are good with little kittens, but they are grown, trained and over the goofy puppy stage. Even then, introducing a new litter of kittens to dogs should be done with care until you know exactly how your dog reacts to the babies. I would however work on introducing the cat and dog as soon as the puppy is in home and serttled; kitty will have about 3 weeks of pregnancy left at that time and I think she will be less stressed if she can go ahead and meet the dog to some extent.

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Thanks a lot guys! smile We have a 4 story house so it is not going to be hard to separate them at all, and that's what we are going to do. Our cat has been around dogs, she definitely is the dominant one wink I used to dog sit my friend's dog for a month and I'd take her out on a leash and Dobby would just come and hang with us on a walk wink When it comes to the puppy, the breeder told me that she not only has the dogs, she also has 2 cats who constantly visit the puppies, and even drink milk with them from the same bowl. So Leia is used to cats, I just wonder about Dobby more wink She of course will be separated the moment I see the milk coming out of her nipples, I'm thinking a baby gate will do (she will be able to walk around if she wants, but the pup won't be able to get in "kinda thing"). Do you have better ideas? wink Oh and definitely the kittens will not be introduced immediately, I will wait until they reach an appropriate age.

And yes, we did want to get her spayed, but here in Germany the wet will tell you to wait until the cat reaches full maturity and they usually want to wait till it's about a year old. We waited, and then some very serious family stuff happened, and then she got pregnant. But we definitely will spay her as soon as we can.

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