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Hello, i hope someone can help me out with this,

I have 3 cats.

Bojangles who is female aged 4
Veda who is male aged 3
Dexter whi is male aged 2

I had them all since kittens and they all behave very well. This is up until last Saturday morning, i heard a scuffle and a meow and the cat flap banging and Bo and Dexter stood by the cat flap with puffy tails and they looked scared! Veda was nowhere to be seen and his collar was on the floor, snapped.

There was no sign of Veda all morning, in the afternoon when he came to come in (it was raining) Bo scared him back outside. Veda didn't come home that evening and it was a cold wet night.

The next day there was still no sign of him, I called him in the afternoon and he came back, however when put in the same room as Bo he was clearly scared and hid under a table. I managed to calm him and give him some food and he slept for the rest of the day. That evening all 3 cats were in the same room and didn't bother each other. We took him into our bedroom for the night so we could keep an eye on him.

The next day when Veda went downstairs Bo chased him out the house again and our of the garden too!

I don't know what has got into her, she is normally so calm and scared of her own shadow! As for Veda, he is a very laid back cat and has a lovely nature.

Dexter seems to be fine with both of them, he goes about his own buisness and isn't part of the 'feud'

Both Bo and Veda have been 'done' nothing has changed in regards to day to day life so i cannot see a reason for it, i'm just worried she will scare him so much he wont come home frown

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Could there be something different about how he smells? Maybe try smelling him yourself - did he get slightly skunked?http://www.catster.com/forums/post.php# Try a bath and the various new kitty intro techniques (rub with a towel with other cats scent / feliway). Good luck! this sounds like a sad change.


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Are they spayed/neutered? Being that they go outside, one may have gotten into something, or into a fight with another animal. I think, until you can figure it out, I would keep them all inside, or the one, may not come home one day. I also think I would take the one, being picked on, to the vet, for an exam, to make sure, he was not bitten or scratched, or may have an underlying medical issue.

**If** They are not spayed/neutered, there is your anser right there, the one male, is running off the other male, thats how it is, with any species of animals.

Best of luck. waveway to gohug

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Hi, thanks for your advice... it seems to be the problem was that Veda was being picked on because he was not wearing a collar! The one he had broke on the morning of the bullying and since I have bought him a new one and put it on he has his authority back! Very bizarre but I guess it was a big enough change for him to be different! confused