He USED TO BE Housetrained....!

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I have an indoor/outdoor cat (Elvis). My cat has been housetrained forever... NOT litter-box trained (I mean, he IS litterbox trained but that's not what I'm talking about)... He's HOUSETRAINED. Or, at least, he WAS. We don't have a litterbox in the house (we used to have one in the basement of our old house, and that's probably how he became housetrained...), so he stands at the door and meows or paces if he needs to go outside to use the bathroom, or he takes a running leap across the bedroom and lands on your stomach knocking the air out of you and waking you up if it's in the middle of the night and he has to go out. He's done this forever. When we moved, he still did it. It didn't change anything.
BUT... a few months ago, a random kitten (Satan) showed up at our house. It was so little I felt bad leaving it outside because the dogs were being mean to it... so we got a litter box and put it in the house. The kitten eventually became an outdoor cat. Elvis, though, still comes in the house whenever he wants because he's (1) not annoying, and (2) he's getting older.. he's about 12 years old in people years. Since the kitten was in the house with the litterbox, Elvis doesn't seem to be housetrained anymore. He pees and poops on the rug in my children's bathroom and he poops in my bathtub. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! I thought it was soo awesome I had a housetrained cat, but now it's like he doesn't even bother to try and go outside to use the bathroom. How do I fix this? How do I make him housetrained again?

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1) A cat needs to be trained to a litterbox, not 'housetrained'. You see, when a cat goes outside, he/she is vulnurable to all sorts of dangerous things...raccoons, coyotes, and in the earth itself hookworms, coccidia, roundworms, etc.
I got really upset when you put the kitten you found outside because it was 'annoying', I think you said? When you find a kitten, a cat, or any living domestic creature, that being becomes YOUR RESPONSIBLITY as surely as if you gave birth to them yourself. You have taken on the KARMA of that creature, and them being put in your path is for a very clear reason.

That said.....

1) Lose the thought on 'housetraining'. See first paragraph as to why.

2) Get a large cat litter box. Put litter in it. We use the scoopable kind thats on sale at the pet store. Mommy and we dont' like it to be too sandy. I like Dr. Elsleys when it's on sale.

3) You should also use another litter box if your home is large, and put it in a quiet corner of a room somewhere. It will give your kittie two places in case one is dirty.

4) Go find the kitten you tossed outside and bring it it, get it neutered and shots and care for it.

It would be the responsible and caring thing to do.

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I agree ^^^ It is quite dangerous for cats to be outside. I know it might sound cruel because they stare out the window and meow, but there are so many risks from disease to other animals to cars. It breaks my heart when I'm driving down the road and I see a dead kitty on the side of the road.

Now that I'm done being morbid, I think you should focus on litter training him. Did he use the litter box when you had the kitten in there? Do you still have the litter box out or did you get rid of it when you put the kitten outside? I'm wondering if he was using the litter box and now there's nothing for him to go in. Put one or two litter boxes in your home and see if this changes things. If you really dislike the idea/expense of a litter box, there is a product you can purchase to gradually train your cat to use the toilet. I know that sounds absurd, but the upfront cost is far less than a lifetime of litter. It certainly takes time and patience and I would get him used to a litter before you try this (because you do need some litter during the toilet training process) but it's just a suggestion. If that is a little weird for you (as it is for my fianceelaugh out loud ) stick with the litter box but please keep your kitty inside and your kitten, as well.

Hope this helps big grin