Cat scratching & meowing

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I live with my partner and we have four cats. Bane and Fable and brother & sister and are two, Veera is two, and Exodus is three. We feed the cats breakfast at 6:30AM, dinner is at 5PM, and then we feed them a snack before bed which is usually around 10PM (or whenever we go to bed) My partner insists that we get up at 6:30am everyday to feed the cats, and I didn't think it was a good idea, as cats are smart and I knew one of them would bother us.

One of our cats, Fable, has been scratching at the wall and meowing at us to get up, or sometimes even before. She will also scratch at whatever else she can find if we don't get up right away. This is becoming a huge problem, as sometimes she will it do it earlier than 6:30. Its not like she is starving because we give them a snack before bed. None of our other cats do this. Nicole and I get up and yell at her, but she goes back and does it again.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how we cna get her to stop? And why is she doing this?



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It seems that Fable has a very accurate internal clock, and she knows when it's time to eat. If you've created a pattern by feeding her at a precise time each morning, it's logical for her to expect to be fed. My cats both have the same sense of time and are also fed on a schedule, and they meow and let it be known when it's mealtime. I think this is normal behavior for a cat who is used to a particular schedule.

I can tell you that getting up to "yell" at your cat won't help anything at all, and may cause her to fear you. I'm sure your goal isn't to make your cat afraid. You can choose to get up and feed her, or you can choose to ignore her until it's mealtime. Cats are smart, as you say.

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Gosh, you are a spoiled human! I get up at 4:10am every morning....and that means every morning whether or not the humans have to get up for work. That means they do need to haul their sorry furless tail-less tails out and feed me...er, I mean us...there are 7 of us here.

We are fed small meals 4 times a day, more if mommy or daddy is home. We're fed at 4:20am, then again at 6:10am (when Mommy is up), then in the evening at anywhere from 5:20-6:15, and then again at about 7:00-8:00. A half a can of fancy feast or blue buffalo-the small cans, each feeding. If mommy or daddy has some fresh chicken or something of the sort, we also get that.

A point....some cats need feeding more often. Have you had your kitties checked by a vet recently? Some cats need small, frequent meals just as poeple do.

I hope you'll get up and feed your poor kitty. I hate to think of a kitty being hungry...and it's so important to get proper nourishment when you are hungry.


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Meowma never, ever feeds us until she's been up at least 30 minutes and has been in and out of the kitchen a few times. So we know not to bother, and don't start moving around until she does. Even then we don't pester for food because she won't feed us until later.

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