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Alright, one and a half years ago our old cat, Rafa, ran away from home and now he's returned and is fighting with my Fudge. Sometimes these fights end in bloodshed. Rafa is obviously jealous and knows I've got a new favourite. Fudge doesn't stand a chance against a cat that has been wild and probably living in the bush for a long time. Rafa is scared whenever he sees me and takes off with the speed of light but the other night, I heard them growling in the backyard so I went out there with a torch and Rafa wouldn't go away. My Dad was finally able to stop the fight, and he ran away. Fudge wasn't hurt badly but he was in a bit of shock. I'm worried that one day Rafa will take it further than a bit of blood on the face. Also for the first time ever, Fudge attacked my hand earlier and I'm wondering whether all this fighting is affecting his behaviour. At least afterwards he was in an apologetic mood because as I was typing the start of this, he jumped up onto my lap, fell asleep and was purring like mad. I just need advice, Thanks heaps, Sam big grin

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Do you still want Rafa? It sounds like he wanted to come home and found that he was replaced...Is there any chance you'd ever allow him back inside? Perhaps a Feliway diffuser could help ease some of the tension and maybe some love and TLC will help. Perhaps if you brought Rafa in and confined him to one room with food, litter, toys, and a Feliway or calming collar, he could start to calm down. After a while of that, you might be able to reintroduce the two. While he is in the room, though, you would need to go in often and just be with him - play with some interactive toys, pet him, etc. Sounds like he really misses you.

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I agree with Wallace - just take some extra steps to re-intergrate Rafa in your home. Show him lots of extra love and patience - he's probably freaked out that he's been gone from home for so long, and maybe feels like he's been "replaced." Good luck, and let us know how it goes!


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Are they neutered? This could also be a source of problems. The other posts were right on with trying to help Rafa feel like you still want him & slowly introduce the two of them. But if they are not fixed, then they need to be ASAP or I think you will have a hard time resolving this.