Randomly not using the litter box

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Purred: Sun Jan 29, '12 6:15pm PST 
I've been racking my brain for the last couple hours trying to make sense of this. My five year old cat Ninja today decided to poop right in front of the litter box on the tile floor. This litter box and the other in my bedroom are cleaned every day. I've been using the same litter for three years.

She has done this before, in my old apartment, but I attributed it to her litter box not being cleaned as often. When she started doing it at the old apartment, I had started a new job, was going to school and started seeing someone in a different city, so I was barely home. So sometimes when I would forget for two or three days she would plop one right in front of the box. A month before I moved she broke her leg so she was caged for the last month of living there and the first month of living in the new place

Since our move though there hasn't been an issue...until today.
She's been on a wet food only diet since she broke her leg, which makes her poop extra stinky. My roommate and I could smell it from our living room, so I went to clean it and low and behold she went right in front of the litter box.

I don't know what to do. Has anyone else had any problems like this?

Finnegan (Finney)

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Can I ask what kind of food you're feeding? Is it grain free? If not, you may want to switch to something without any grains or gluten. What's the brand?


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The brand of food may help the stinkiness but I don't know if it will address the problem! I always recommend this website because it has all litterbox help in one place: http://catinfo.org/?link=litterbox
Good luck!