Cant wont stop peeing on everything.

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We have took him to the vet and they said nothing is wrong. the past week we have started to lock him up in a big cage at night with a litter box and he will use it but then when we let him out he pees on the stove,counter,table,ect. He will poop in the litter box and always has. he is 2 and is neutered. we have tried putting vinegar in a bowl to keep him away and he peed in the bowl. he is full out peeing and not spraying. He has two litter boxes. We play with him all the time. My boyfriend is attached by the hip with this cat so i dont want to see him go. please help.


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Has there been some new changes for you? Sometimes that can cause this issue. Has the vet ruled out any urinary issues? I also wanted to bump this up for more help.

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If there's nothing medically wrong, then maybe your cat is trying to tell you that he doesn't like the litter box or something. There's a bunch of tips here of a cat's view of a litter box and solutions to common problems: http://catinfo.org/?link=litterbox

Try Cat Attract litter, too. That usually works to retrain a cat to use the litter box. You can find it at PetSmart and other pet stores.

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