Cat attacking new puppy

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Lord Thunder- Puncher

Purred: Tue Jan 24, '12 3:33am PST 
Our cat Lord Thunder Puncher is not pleased about the newest addition to our household, a 10 week old puppy. We knew he would not adjust as well based on his reaction to our last foster dog, but while he would simply hiss and run from the dog unless he felt cornered by it, he follows the puppy around. If the puppy turns around or approaches him, he attacks. He also attacks if the puppy approaches the water bowl, and heaven forbid we try to feed everyone in the same room.

I've never had to introduce cats and dogs before, so if anyone has any tips for smoothing the process, that would be great. The puppy loves cats and gets along great with our other kitty, Ravage; they play and she is very gentle with him despite already well outweighing both of them at 17lbs. She never reacts aggressively to Thunder Puncher's assaults, just takes off running, which I'm sure reinforces his bad behavior.