Tristan hasn't kicked his habit of biting! Please help!

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Purred: Mon Jan 23, '12 2:46pm PST 
Tristan is 10 months old now and he's a real sweetheart for the most part. When we first got him, he nibbled on us if we weren't petting him enough, etc. He has never bitten us hard enough to break skin even though he has the capability of doing so. But he's still doing it. In the middle of the night, he comes up to us and finds our fingers and bites them if we aren't petting him.

Also, when he's being really hyper, he will sprint around the house and if we come within his path, he will jump on our legs and sometimes bite. It's never a hard bite, again, just a little nibble.. it's almost like he's playing tag or something because he expects us to chase him once he gets down.

We give him quite a bit of structured playtime and he has tons of toys to play with on his own, including a cat tree and a window perch.

How can we get him to stop nibbling on us? We have tried saying "Ouch!" very loud and gently putting him down on the ground from the bed in the middle of the night. He doesn't respond to it and just jumps right back up and nibbles. We also have tried using a squirt bottle. No response either. He will run away but just come back and nibble again.



Tiny Creature
Purred: Tue Jan 24, '12 9:27pm PST 
try positive reinforcement. it's the only thing that worked with Ben. when he would bite, I would say 'No bite!', immediately withdraw my hand, get up, and ignore him completely. eventually, he began to stop when I would say 'no bite!', and I would immediately praise him. sometimes the stopping was coincidental, but no matter. eventually he got the message. you have to be consistent, every single time.

obviously, getting out of bed isn't an ideal solution, but you get the idea.