are all my kids hitting puberty at the same time?

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You have left me- no other- choice........
Purred: Mon Jan 23, '12 1:33pm PST 
Ok stupid question. Mia is 4 months old. We got her a stuffed kitty that is smaller than her. She seems to have fallen in love with it. the past week she has been cleaning the genital area A LOT more. last night I observed her in a position that well.. it looks like she was presenting her self. At first I thought she hurt herself like maybe her butt hurt? But I realized that its only when baby kitty is around! She is having an issue with meowing at the litter box, but other than That Mia don't make noise (purring aside) She is not fixed. honestly I did not have any intention on fixing her. I will try and video this and upload it. Maybe I am just over thinking it all. Maybe I am not seeing what I think I am seeing. I have pre-teen sons that are taking notice to girls...
Now my Kitty wants a boyfriend?!