Helping a cat learn that it's ok to be held

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Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for helping a cat learn to be held. I'd love to be able to carry Blackberry, even if it's just for a minute, as I feel that it's important in case of emergencies.

Quick background, I found him in a parking lot last August. The vet thinks he was about 2 years old and we have an idea that he was kicked out of, or got lost from, a house since he does not behave like a feral animal.

The funny thing is that my 12 year old daughter can carry him around for a couple of mintues at a time and he will let me carry him if I'm holding his food in my other hand (he often has to eat away from the other cats since he's an allergy cat), but if I just pick him up for any other reason all the legs start spinning at once like he's a little helicopter. laugh out loud He's a very good boy though, he never tries to scratch me, he doesn't try to bite ever, and he doesn't hiss or growl, he just wants down.

Thanks so much for any training tips and suggestions that anyone has!

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I don't have any real advice, but our cat, Jack doesn't like to be held. He never has liked it. Also, how are you holding him? From my understanding, most cats don't like being held like a baby (cradling). They feel vulnerable. Instead they like it if they are a bit upright. So one hand at the chest and the other hand underneath bottom of legs (at least that is what Jackson Galaxy said on an ep of "My cat from Hell).

Sometimes I just sling Jack over my shoulder and he will stay there for a couple of minutes.

Personally, I think that with my cats first family they held him too long even while he struggled. So now he hates it.

Good luck.