"Cat Whisperer"-anywhere in the Great Lakes?

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shyloh paige

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Is there a "cat whisperer" in the midwest? I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Shyloh is "thinking outside the box" with her poop. She's done this since she was a tiny kitten, off and on. She is originally from a hoarder's household, we suspect that's how this got started. The vet can find no medical reason for this-and she uses all the other boxes, she only leaves her poop OUTSIDE one. Shyloh's person is blind, so she is having to avoid that area of her apartment until her care provider or a friend can come and address the...issue. And the smell and stains have drawn warnings from management-this must be solved, or one human and two kitties will be homeless. Shyloh's person has asked me to ask the Catster community if they know of a Cat Whisperer near enough to Kalamazoo, MI to help us...the nearest she's been able to find is in TN. Any help or advice you can give would be appreciated. Please be quick, if you can.

(I also posted this in the answers forum, so if you think you're seeing double, you're not, and if you think it looks familiar, it does. also if shyloh looks sort of familiar...she should, for two reasons. some of you have seen her before, but not for some time, and also, she's the infamous Kaya Skye's littermate. wave )

kaya skye

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ok, maybe I wasn't clear here...no change in this behavior will mean a blind person loses her home. can we get some help, please?

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You can try this cat behaviorist. Apparently you can do a phone consult. Not sure how much it costs.

http://www.thecatbehaviorclinic.com/cat-pooping-outside-litter-b ox.html

Thats all I could find really.

Try getting a 2nd box. Clean the pooped area really well with Natures Miracle. I honestly don't think a cat whisperer is going to help. Just my opinion.

Good Luck!


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A behaviorist or trainer who knows about cats may be more helpful than-- I don't know what is a cat whisperer anyway? Just some sort of cutesy title.

You can contact the http://iaabc.org/

You might also get the book: "Naughty No More" and read it to your friend. It goes most common behavior issues.



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I wish I w . Unfortunately, if it hurts to poop the vet won't be able to tell with an exam. And I bet that's the problem since she still uses the box for p. It might not even be hurting now, but did in the past causing her to start going outside the box. i've dealt with this a few times, and unfortunately someone has to be able to see her, but maybe your friend could keep hands on enough to tell ; when BooBoo did it, once we had the pain issue cleared and she still wouldn't use the box I confined her to an 8x 10 room; after feeding time I would sit in there for about an hour and brush and massage until I could tell she was on the point of no return about to poo, and I'd grab her and put her in the box. It took about three weeks for her to start getting in the box by herself, but it did work. Other than that,or if you are 100% sure there isn't a physical reason the vet can't see, I would say get a giant dog sized cage and put her in there after meals until she 'goes', and only let her out until the next meal. I know it seems harsh but caging may be the only option; most cats get over it if they are out several hours a day anyway. That way at least the house isn't getting destroyed and maybe the property owners will get happier.

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When Arthur was sick near the end of his life, he developed chronic diarrhea and started avoiding the litter box for bowel movements. Even after medication brought the diarrhea under control, he still didn't want to use the box. I had to re-train him with lots of positive reinforcement.

While he wasn't going in the box, he was going near the box, so I would watch for him to go in that direction and follow him. When he'd see me coming, he'd usually flop over onto his side, wanting to be petted. I would pet him until he was in a state of bliss and then gently pick him up and put him in the box. If he used the box, I'd reward him with lots of petting and praise. If he jumped back out, I'd still pet him so he would learn to associate the box with good feelings. Eventually, he got over his fear and started using the litter box again like the good boy he really was.

Can you share a little more about your friend's and Shyloh's situation? Is the friend completely blind or does she have enough sight to watch Shyloh's habits? Is she home most of the day, or does she work long hours? Does Shyloh tend to go to the same place over and over? Maybe, with a little more information, we can come up with some more ideas that she can try.

Sending purrs! Please keep us posted! hug


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Another book to recommend: Fastidious Feline. It's by Patricia McConnell who is a well-known behaviorist.
It's more of a booklet so wouldn't be too hard to read aloud.


shyloh paige

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My friend is completely blind. No vision. But this cat used to live in my house, and this habit is not new-she would pee and poo in every other box, but choose ONE box to poo BESIDE. (her sister and littermate, the nefarious Kaya Skye, to this day pees in my dirty laundry and puts my dirty socks in her favorite litterbox...but since that can be solved by doing laundry and throwing away socks...)

It wasn't as big a deal then, because while a person with normal vision wouldn't be blown away by my sight-I'm legally blind, so is my roommate-I do see well enough to know when there is literal crap on the floor. Shyloh's person does NOT. So, the poop remains until someone comes to take care of it, and the best she can do is try to stay clear of that area of the room-which is no way to live, and means that she can't even scoop that litter box.

yes, I understand that some people don't believe in people who can talk to animals. My friend does. But the links to animal behaviorists can be useful as well, and I'll pass them on and see if her program can interface with those sites-anybody heard of JAWS?