New cats bad habits breaking kittens training

This is a place to gain some understanding of cat behavior and to assist people in training their cats and dealing with common behavior problems, regardless of the method(s) used. Keep in mind that you may be receiving advice from other cat owners and lovers...not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a trainer or behaviorist!

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I adopted a 7month old kitten/cat from my friend who could no longer keep her. Before this I had just gotten a 2month old kitten and as soon as I had him potty trained Ziggy strarted bringing her bad habbits around. How do I reinstate the good and not the bad? For instance Ziggy WILL NOT cover her poop and now Murphy isn't covering his and I have tried to drag their paws through it and put litter over it with their paws but nothing is working. My fiance will not let me keep Ziggy if this isn't changed and I don't want to giver her away what do I do?

Ralphie & Randy

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Be very careful when you attempt the litterbox training. Don't ever forcefully hold one of your kittens and manipulate their paws if they try to wriggle away from you, or you may end up with them avoiding the litterbox altogether. They should have only positive associations with the box, so only use your training methods when they are receptive and not eager to get away. You could also try a bigger box and/or more litter. They may not have enough room to dig around and bury.

I understand that some cats simply don't bury their waste. It's possible that Ziggy wasn't trained to do so by her mother, and doesn't have the instinct to do it on her own. The fact that both kittens use the box is a victory. If they don't bury and aren't open to training from you, it's just something you'll learn to live with. It's far better to have them use the box and not bury than to find somewhere else to go!

On another note, please do not allow yourself to be told by your fiance what he will or will not "let" you do. Such major decisions as the adoption of new family members should be mutual, not something that one or the other of you "lets" the other one do. Adults in adult relationships should not issue orders to one another, and I would be very cautious about following such a direction from him and setting up a precedent for your future lives.

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Yes, in the greater sceme of things, a cat NOT covering his poop is not a big deal, they are using the litter box, after all, and they are still kittens. And we agree with Randy and Ralphie, your fiance should NOT be giving you orders and making you think you should give away this kitten. When you all get married, and if you have children, how will he deal with a dirty, poopie diaper? Will he think the baby should be using the bathroom at age two months?

Yours is the second forum we have posted to today, where the man in the realtionship is trying to force the woman to get rid of a beloved pet. YOUR feelings should be considered, and again, I worry about such a big deal being made about "uncovered cat poop".

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I talked with him and his thing is that we have a litter box in our room and when Ziggy uses it she stinks up the room. It is very frustrating and I do understand where he is coming from with it. And we decided together after Murphy's training started being broken that we couldn't have Ziggy teaching Murphy bad habits HE wasn't making the final choice in the situation but we make our decisions as a team its not like I brought Ziggy into the house with out making sure he was ok with us taking on another pet. We knew adopting her was going to be tricky because my friend let her x keep Ziggy and he neglected to take care of her(thus Ziggy living with me now).

Thank you both for the help with the litterbox advice. Do you have any for keeping a cat out of the trash cans? we throw the food out in the dumpster so there isn't food in them its just boxes and things that you wouldn't think would attract them to it or is it just the 'curiosity' thing?

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Ralphie & Randy

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I'm glad you clarified that you aren't being bossed around. I hope that you'll continue to provide a home for Ziggy despite her quirks. It sounds like she's been rejected alot in her short life. She might become more receptive to training once she feels safe and loved in a stable home, but that might take some time given her history of rejection. Please don't give up on her.

As far as the trash, we keep our trash can under the kitchen sink along with the hazardous cleaning supplies. We use a heavy ponytail holder to hold the cabinet doors shut, but there are also many
child-proofing gadgets available for cabinet doors. Neither of our cats has ever shown that they are able to open our heavy cabinet doors, but we secure the dangerous ones anyway just in case.

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Thats a GREAT idea for the trash now do you have any ideas for keeping them off of the counters? Just another one of Ziggy's "quirks" that she has passed to Murphy =] and I talked with my fiance and he huffed and went to cover Ziggys leavings so your advice was put to good use!


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My kittens excelled at opening the trash, they even went on line, to learn how to combat, whatever mommy came up with. They pretty much had me stumped. Think it was someone on here, or one of the boards, who came up with the idea, of the little rubber trash can, with the locking lid, and it locks real tight. You just have to make sure, you lock it tight, test it before you walk away. It is a real pain, to open, once its locked tight, but little kittens, can no longer, get it open. As I tell them, mommy always wins, mol. laugh out loud

As for the litter box, some kitties just don't cover their stuff, thats just the way it is, just like some people, don't have good bathroom habits. Kittens learn litter box habits from their momma.

If you have 2 kittens, you should have 2 kitty boxes, and they should be large, no hoods, and you should use the scoopable kind. Its the consistancy of sand, much easier for kittens to paw, then little clay stones.
The scoopable also absorbs the odor better. I use Cats Pride, the one with the pink top or the red top, on the big jug, not all Cats Pride cat litter is scoopable, or the consistancy of sand. You have to get the one in the jug. You also need to scoop every day, or at least every other day.

I have one box in the bedroom, because the kittens eat in there. Everybody else eats in their carrier, so nobody comes out, until everybody is done, that way they don't have to wait. The other boxes are in the bathroom. I have a small bathroom, and ya, it can be a pain, to step over them, but that way they are not all in the bedroom.

What do you feed? If poopies really really stink, its the food.

hope this helps. waveway to gohug

Ralphie & Randy

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I am SO GLAD that you guys are giving Ziggy a chance, even if your fiance is huffing about it! LOL!

We've had a similar experience with our cats and counters. Ralphie used to stay down and it was never an issue. But when Randy came along, he decided the kitchen counters were his favorite domain, and Ralphie followed along. Now they're both always up there. We've decided to just deal with it, and I've found that I'm used to it and no longer mind. We had to get in the habit of putting all food in the pantry (can't leave a fruit bowl out anymore or they turn the apples into toys!), and we tripped the fuse for the garbage disposal so it can't get accidentally switched on. We have to shut the cats out of the kitchen during food prep and cooking and usually during our meals. Yes, it's a bit of a pain sometimes, but it's a small sacrifice considering all the happiness and fun they bring to our lives!

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Humph. Why do you want to marry this guy?
Sorry, but my cats come FIRST!

Now, I have cats that cover and don't. I have one that I call the 'stealth coverer'. That cat (we can't figure out who it is) will cover the others leavings if they don't. We haven't seen who's doing it. I suspect it may be the BUB. The BUB is absolutely fierce about covering anything, and then there's Smokieboo, who's nickname is 'Digger' when he's in the box. He could spend 2 minutes in there kicking sand everywhere.

I agree with previous posters though, whatever you do, you don't want to give either cat a complex about using the box. It's a simple matter of getting up and scooping a box to us. I mean while cat poop doesn't smell like roses, so what? What if Pouty fiancee fathers a child? Babies don't come housebroken and babies poop to me stinks alot worse than cat poop!!!!! Yuck!!!!!

sorry...it just irks me when any guy is telling a woman what to do! As you can tell, it don't happen in my house!


That said, seriously, there might be ways of cutting down on the odor til the box can be scooped. A covered box tends to keep the odor a little more confined. I always add a bit of baking soda to the box. This can help a little. Also...what do you feed the cats? I ask, because some cats have extra stinky poop because of dietary issues. When we first got Smokiey, he had giardia and the smell of his poop (and he was a digger/coverer) was really bad. Let me tell you that you got up and scooped becuase otherwise you'd pass out. When Smokie was still allowed in the bedroom-he isn't now becuaes he and Natalie don't get along and Natalie lives there-but when he was and he used the box, it woke us from sleep. We treated him for giardia and now it's much better.

I hope you'll consider your new older kitty as a seperate and wonderful little cat who has many great qualities and isn't deliberately teaching the younger kitty 'bad habits' but just, like any other kitty, bringing what she knows to the mix. If not covering her poop is the worst that happens, well, you got life by the hair.

blessings from the Kew Gardens Cats
and their mom, Deb

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Forgot to put this in my first post. Frebreeze makes a special spray for "Pet Ordors"...it has a nice, light scent and REALLY works well when you have a cat that just leaves (what I call) "STINKY Poop" and baking soda helps too. As I said, the scent is not heavy or flowery, just helps with the "litter box leavings". And I scoop twice a day, put it into a small plastic bag and put it outside in the large trash can.

Oh, and as for them getting onto counters, I have seen a type of two-sided tape at PetsMart which is used to deter cats from walking on counters. Other posters might have another suggestion.

The New Orleans Kittieswave

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