Is Harness Training for Me?

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Spring - Jones

Princess of the- Jones House
Purred: Wed Aug 24, '05 9:16am PST 
Hi there, Catster Kitties!
I wanted to get some opinions from harness trained kitties.
I really like running outside when mom or dad are leaving the house. My 2 brothers & 2 sisters don't share this hobby with me. Mom thinks I might be good on a harness. She said she would go get me one today!
However, now she's worried that the rest of the felines here won't be happy with me if I come back from a walk smelling weird. They might also get mad if I'm getting all mommy's attention while we train. I don't care too much for my brothers or sisters, with the exception of my fellow siamese, Jordan.
I like people more than other cats, anyway. Just call me crazy. Have any of you been through this process? Do you go out on a harness & another kitty in your house doesn't? Mommy doesn't want to disturb the kitty peace, but I think I would really like walking outside. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


A Gentlemanly- 007
Purred: Mon Sep 5, '05 9:19am PST 
Hi there, Spring Jones! Well I have received the 'harness treatment' once or twice and my kitty-friend Mika doesn't mind at all. She just sniffs me, rubs against my cheek, and flounces off to eat. In fact, I think she *likes* smelling all those interesting new scents on my fur! (Of course, she is a fluffbrain...) I think harness training sounds perfect for you. And don't forget, if your fellow cat friends feel they're not getting enough attention, just ask your owner to give them some cat treats before and after you leave the house for a walk. This will associate these new scents and the sight of the harness with positive, floofy things for them!


the geek cat XD
Purred: Tue Sep 6, '05 1:16pm PST 
Hi kitties, my mom and I are new around, daddy is laughing a lot to see me in the web, and I just was wondering how did your moms and daddys do that harness training? I'm curious to know and maybe will try it a bit, my mom has this crazy idea of take me out to run around the park and help her traing her to loose weight but she is really afraid of me getting used to be outside since I'm indoor cat, the other reason is that I'm not netured yet, and could find any hottie female and run away from her side... what is the process that my mom and I should do? its safe for me? thanks !