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wont stop peeing on hardwood floor..

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Purred: Fri Jun 11, '10 12:19pm PST 
Izzee has moved quite a few times.. when i first adopted her she was fine. used her litterbox always.. then overtime i started smelling urine in my closet.. on my shoes.. on my clothes.. etc. i tried cleaning the smell as best i could.. and i put her in a very very small room with her litter and food and water.. i used a babygate rather than closing the door. that way she had some sort of interation.. she started jumping over the babygate.. so i had to put a blanket over that to make it look like a wall. after 24-48 hours i let her out.. and from then on she used her litterbox. which.. horray for me! was a tough luck. she started meowing all the time.. so i figured she was in heat. i moved out and took and got a new apartment and both cats came with me of course. and at the new apartment both cats used the litterbox everytime. i cleaned it every 2 or so days when it looks and smelled awful. i had a box in my closet and i had a box in one of the spare rooms. due to roommate issues i moved out again and finally have a stable home. when we got all settled both cats were doing wonderful. everything was fine.. up untill izzee's meows came back.. but this time they were longer.. louder.. and more horrifying. she started peeing on everything. my curtains... rugs.. clothes.. you name it! i got fed up and said enough is enough its time to get spayed. we took her to the vet and come to find out she has a urinary tract infection.. which was my first instinct. i felt awful. no wonder why she's peeing everywhere!.

the vet put her on a liquid type of medication. she was ordered to be seperated from Brunella with a seperate litterbox.. and once the two weeks was up on this medication she went in to get her urine tested..

(mind you every once in awhile she's peeing on the hardwood floor as well as the litterbox)

well that medicine did not work. so the vet switched her over to a pill medicine for 21 days.. and we just went in a week ago to check her urine.. the vet sent it to the lab.. he said it is getting better but he's not sure if its completely gone.

so he gave us this plug in that helps relieve stress and anxiety so she maybe would just keep it in the litterbox..

its been a week now and im still scrubbing urine off the floor. am i just not giving it enough time? she's had the same litter since we got her. she's using the same litterbox with the cover over it.. if she doesnt use the one with the cover then im cleaning up numerous amounts of urine and stool around the litter box... getting rid of her isnt an option.. my vet is now leaning towards it being a behavior issue now that her infection has cleared up..

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Rubbing her nose in it is bad bad bad. It is going to cause your kitty to fear you, and could make the matter worse (she may start peeing where you can't find it so she doesn't have to worry about getting her nose rubbed in it).

Have you changed her litter lately (like the type that you use)? If so that could be a problem. If not, I would suggest cleaning the box every day. Cats like a clean litter box, and the smell can get pretty overwhelming if it isn't cleaned daily. I had a cat once that wouldn't use the box if there was one poop in it, so we had to check it a couple times a day to make sure it was clean.


Purred: Fri Jun 11, '10 12:29pm PST 
okay i wont do that anymore! the last thing i want is for her to fear me.. the litter is the same. i feel so bad she sits up in that room and just howls.. while my other cat can roam the house..


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Purred: Fri Jun 11, '10 1:31pm PST 
Izzee, I wonder if the UTI still isn't cleared up? The fact that she's howling and still not using the box sounds like something's still wrong. There's an excellent page on about litter boxes and the reasons cats won't use them, and behavioral issues are extremely rare. I think I would ask the vet to check her again.


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thats his plan.. im just waiting to hear back from him.. its just weird that she's using both the box and the floor.


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One thing no one has mentioned--you said you clean the box 'every couple of days when it smells and looks bad"...a cat's nose is way more sensitive than a persons, and she's right down there in it; not all cats, but a LOT, refuse to use a box that isn't pretty dadgum clean! It should be scooped every day, at least once! And always be sure to use an unscented litter as well; scented litter can irritate cats.
Also,try adding another box, in another area; i've seen cats avoid the box because of people going in and out, washing machine noise, commode flushing and so forth. The fat that it's poo AND pee makes it seem like something besides or in addition to the UTI to me.
I do agree that something isn't right with all that howling, so do follow up with the vet.


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Purred: Fri Jun 11, '10 10:47pm PST 
The cats before me all make good points, I would like to ask if Izzee has had any x-rays or a urinalysis done?
Since her UTI isn't responding to the medicine and she's howling again and avoiding her box, I can't help wondering if her problem isn't bladder stone related cystitis. (irritation of the urinary bladder.)
A urinalysis would reveal changes in the urine (pH, crystals, bacteria, blood, etc.)
Many cats will urinate in places other than the litter box due to the irritation of the bladder wall, they associate the pain they feel while urinating with their litter boxes and the feel of litter. Hard cool surfaces such as tile floors, counter tops, sinks, and bathtubs are often used as are soft substrates (cloth, carpet etc.)

Idiopathic Cystitis exists though, where the cause is never determined. Stress seems to be a precipitating factor for cystitis both in cats and in humans. I'm not sure when you last moved, but moving a stress too (for both cats and humans)


Purred: Sat Jun 12, '10 12:35am PST 
In addition to what everyone else has mentioned, cats will also continually pee in the same place (or nearby) because they can smell it. Remember, they have super-duper sniffers, they can smell pheromones and enzymes and all kinds of things that we can't. So even when you think you've got the spot cleaned, it might not be cleaned enough.

What have you been using to clean the area? I've found that plain white vinegar seems to usually do the trick. It apparently neutralizes the scent somehow. I had to do it once. I soaked some rags in vinegar, and set the rags on the area overnight.

'Course, a lot depends on how the floors are finished, but if the cat's been peeing on them, the finish is probably... errr.. finished. Worse case senario, you may have to sand, vinegarize, sand again, seal and re-finish. We hope not, though.


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Purred: Mon Jun 14, '10 7:32am PST 
My kitty just started peeing in a different place than her litterbox a week ago. I scrubbed it with bleach..she loved it and rubbed herself on the carpet where i scrubbed, so i put vinegar and that made her stay away for a while. Then she did it again! So I went out and bought another litter box and put it on top of the spot where she pees. I also went and bought a kitty water fountain. Ever since i've had these 2 things added, she has not had another incident. I don't know if she had a urinary infection and the extra water drinking helped... She uses both litters now too. So maybe try to get your kitty to drink more water and add another litter box? Stress may trigger such episodes. Hope you get this figured out hug

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