at my wits end.. I can't live like this anymore

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Oh Pepper! I feel your pain. We have been through this exact same situation with Leaf, peeing on sofas, dog beds, blankets, comforters. I have spent tons of money replacing things, buying gallons of nature's miracle, feliway, new dog beds (we've gone through about 6! I have put plastic on the sofas and beds, used black garbage bags around the sofa cushions (under a slip cover), bought new slip covers. The list goes on and on. Leaf has been to the vet many times for inappropriate peeing and they found no infection, no crystals, but they did notice his urine pH was off. I was in the same boat as you... I love him to death but how can I live like this?! We tried Buspirone anti-anxiety, which worked for a while, but then he decided he would NOT take it anymore. Now I think we have found the solution! Leaf is on a Rx diet to keep the pH of his urine just right and *knock on wood* things have been going really well since he has been on this new diet! He eats royal canin "urinary SO" formula and it seems to have done the trick. The vet has diagnosed him with FLUTD - feline lower urinary tract disorder, which is not infection, but just a slight imbalance in the urine.

You are not a bad person for feeling the way you do. I had friends and family tell me I should just lock him outside, or give him away, or even put him down, but I just couldn't bring myself to do any of those things. I hope you can find a solution. I know how tough it is!



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I wanted to recommend a cleaner. It's called Gonzo. You can get it by the gallon at http://www.gonzocorp.com/

It is literally the best solvent on the planet. Squirt, it will dissolve the stain. Gently scrape with the dull side of a knife moving upwards, blot, and you're done. It will work on anything except something that is red or orange and sits there for a while (ie orange soda or something). It's non-toxic and pet-friendly, although I cover the spot with a clean rag until it's dry b/c I'm like that and Kali is a crazy kitty who thinks she's a goat.

They also make a dry sponge for removing pet hair from furniture that is renewable. Rinse it and dry it in the sun and reuse. Also, they have volcanic rock deodorizers that are also renewable. When they stop working, put them out in the sun for a day and they recharge. I LOVE their products and order 2 gallons about every 6-8 months. I have buff colored carpet, so it's kind of a necessity.

I'd also look on the internet (or at the gonzo web-site) to see if anyone makes a laundry detergent that will remove kitty pee smell. There just might be one. it's a shame to have to keep replacing things. It's expensive, time-consuming, and bad for the environment.

Try the Gonzo. It seriously is one of my favorite cleaning products. it's probably the one I absolutely can't live without. And really, I've tried everything for my carpets. I used to use a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon to try out new things on the cheap. I got Gonzo one day and it's awesome.

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Dear Pepper,

First off, I want to congratulate you for even asking the question and opening yourself up to possible criticism. It's nice to see that all the responses thus far have been supportive and kind.

I have not had to deal with this with my cats, thank God, but a friend of mine has, and here's what worked for her:

1) Have a urinalysis done (if you have not done so recently, say within the last month) to see whether there are any crystals present. If there are, that could definitely be contributing to, or even causing, the issue, and just so you know, there don't have to be any other signs, such as straining, etc. when crystals are present. Sometimes they are there and there are no outward symptoms for a long long time.

2) Evaluate diet - ideally you want to be feeding a quality grain-free canned food or a raw diet, or perhaps a combination. No dry food. (This is one of the things that my friend had to change with her cats. She was resistant to it at first, due in no small part to the perceived increase in cost of quality canned vs. dry, but not only did the crystals go away in both of the cats that were having the issues, the fat cat lost weight, the skinny one gained, and the inappropriate urination stopped, although to be fair there were other things she did as well - see below!)

3) # of litter boxes in the house should be the number of cats in the house, plus one. Fine, hard-clumping litter seems to be most preferred by cats that have litter box issues (even if they do use them some of the time). If you have hooded litter boxes, remove the hoods as they trap the odor. You may also want to switch out your litter boxes entirely, in favor of large, clear Rubbermaid tubs that give the cats plenty of room to get in and scratch around. The high sides keep the litter from scattering too badly while still allowing any odor to escape, and the fact that they are clear makes the cats feel more secure that they won't be ambushed in the box. My friend also added an herbal product called Cat Attract to all her boxes. She also had one regular litter box in which she put several of the Pee Pads that some people use for training puppies, to simulate the soft surface that one of the problem cats favored for her bathroom spots). She sprinkled them with a little bit of the Cat Attract on top of the pads, and these were used by the cats for a month or two, and then they stopped using them, although to this day she still keeps one out just in case they feel the urge.

4) As other have said - clean, clean, clean! Get a black light and scout around for any places you might have missed. As much as possible, get rid of things that you can possibly afford to get rid of and start fresh.

5) The amitriptyline - worked like a charm for my friends' cats!


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As someone recommended, the Dr Elsey's litter attract worked mircales for me and for someone else I know. It may not help with your cat, but for 10-15 bucks, it's definitely worth trying. You can get it at Petsmart. If it doesn't work, they will take it back so you have nothing to lose. They sell litter and an additive. I personally just bought the additive. It looks like herbs. You just sprinkle it on top of. your littler and the cat wants to use it. I only used it as a last ditch desperate measure too.
My old cat used to do that but it was due to a uti. Maybe another vet would find one.. I have no idea. If it's due to an undiagnosed uti, no litter or cleaning will help. They are just trying to find a place that doesn't hurt to go to the bathroom. They don't understand. I hope it works for you because you obviously want things to work out. I would try the drugs if need too!!!


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Did you say he pees 10 times a day? Isn't that a lot for a cat? Not sure what the norm is...


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I recently adopted another cat, for a total of 3. My 2 older ones have had on and off again issues with inappropriate urination. I saw the ad for Dr. Elsey's, and what a difference! I wont use anything else again. You dont get the "dust cloud" when you pour it in and it doesnt smell powdery. When I clean it I dont smell ammonia at all. My cats love it and I've noticed them using it all the time. I also got the Gi-normous litter box at PetSmart with no lid. 2 of my cats are very large Maine Coons and they LOVE the big litter box. Also, put the box in a quiet spot. I had mine next to the washing machine and that may have been an issue too. Good Luck!

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I have a cat who has had bathroom problems from the beginning. There are many reasons he does this. However, at least for him, when he pees on something like the dog bed, or my bed, etc, it's an emotional issue. Specifically, it's that he's feeling insecure about his relationship with the person or animal that the object smells like. For some reason to some cats, by peeing on the object that smells like the companion they are insecure about they are intermingeling (sp) the scents and reinforcing their relationship. Basically it's a big cry for help. When he has peed on my bed in the past, the only cure was for me to spend a LOT of time with him. When he peed on the dogs bed, we had to make them spend time together and be happy. Solved it. It's silly, but if nothing else is working, this may be the problem. We also started using a calming spray that you can get at any pet store. This seems to help a bit when he's feeling anxious, etc, but does not substitute for the attention and affection. He's just a very needy cat emotionally lol.

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