2 cats, 2 litterboxes?

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Purred: Mon Aug 15, '05 12:05pm PST 
My husband and I recently got a new kitten. They have each been using their own litterboxes because they've been separated up until recently when they've gotten used to each other. Even when they were both out they were still continuing to use their "own" litterboxes. Then yesterday Oliver (the baby) used Bagheera's box. She doesn't seem to have gotten upset by going to the restroom somewhere she shouldn't, yet. Should I worry about her getting upset by this? Will they share litterboxes?


Purred: Mon Aug 15, '05 5:41pm PST 
When my sister Selket came, the cat mother was prepared with a new litter box and feeding bowls and everything you can imagine. I don't think we ever used but one of anything. Same [so they tell me] when Jacques came to be Selket's pal.
In short, WE always used one litter box, one food dish, one water dish...and the cat mother thinks this saves ever so much space and cleaning for her although it is a mystery!
I suggest you let them figure it out.


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Purred: Tue Aug 16, '05 6:50am PST 
I think we'll just wait and see how it goes. Oliver is in quarantine until he finishes with his worming medication so Baghi won't risk getting worms herself. I think they will share just fine. We'll see though on Thursday.

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Purred: Wed Aug 17, '05 12:38pm PST 
When my sis, the Beast, came to live with us at first we were kept seperated, so of course she had her own litter box. After we'd been introduced and started sharing the whole house, our mommy kept both litter boxes available for a while. Once she was satisfied that Beastie knew where the other one was and that we were both comfortable sharing it, she took away the second one and we've shared one ever since.

Some cats like to have their own, though, from what I've heard. So some humans decide to keep the litter boxes seperate and have more success that way. Like Vijay said, you have to see what works best for you and go with it. Every kitty's different!

Good luck, and congratulations on the new addition! : )

Gysmo (My- heart )- 1996-2013

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Purred: Wed Aug 17, '05 4:46pm PST 
Hi all,
All three of us use one huge litter box with shredded newspaper. Mum cleans the whole thing every morning, sprays it down with a cleaner, lines it with newspaper and tops with shreds. Then when mommy and daddy go to bed, she throws on some more shreds. We all used one box right from the start. I guess if one of us had a problem with this, we'd have more than one box...it's really up to the kits. We all have our separate feeding places, tho. hehe

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Purred: Wed Aug 17, '05 9:08pm PST 
Po and I had 2 litter boxes and we'd use one for stinkies and one for tinkles....how weird is that? Mom got sick of our fussing and only uses 1 box now.

Panda- (formerly- Miranda)

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Purred: Thu Aug 18, '05 1:30pm PST 
Mommy gave me my own litterbox when she fur-st adopted me....but I liked my sister Zoe's better, so I used it. She doesn't seem to mind, so Mommy put away my litter box and now we have just one.

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Purred: Fri Aug 19, '05 2:24pm PST 
It sounds like it all depends on how the kitties feel about it.

We've always had 1 litter box per cat (cleaned daily). When I was alive, I was the reason for that ... I REFUSED to touch kitty litter, so I had a litter box full of Feline Pine. Topaz hated the smell of the Feline Pine, so she got a box full of the clumping clay litter.

Then when Gomer moved in, he wouldn't use a box that any other cat had ever used. So he got his own. I understand that Topaz and Gomer still respect one another's potty territory.


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Purred: Sun Aug 21, '05 11:53pm PST 
Plato and I share a box. No problems.

Jordan- Elisabeth- Jones

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Purred: Mon Aug 22, '05 11:18am PST 
Congrats on the new addition to the family! Better yours than mine, LOL! (if mom brings another one home, I will just flip out!)
We are a 5 feline household, and we have 4 boxes to share. We have 2 upstairs & 2 downstairs. This seems to work best. There is never a wait for the litter box, it never gets that dirty, & I don't have to share with my 2 little brothers that make a mess whenever they use the box.
Dad cleans all 4 boxes every morning & Mom cleans all 4 boxes every night before bed. That way, we never have smelly boxes (yuck!).

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