AAAHH the cat is pooping on the dining room table.

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Purred: Sat Aug 13, '05 7:42pm PST 
I think I know why.
My other cat (Quatre) has started pooping in Bling’s cat box.
So maybe Bling is looking for a new place of his own, to poop in.
But, of corse the dining room table is one of the worst places he could pick.
What do I do?
Is there anyway I can stop Quatre, from using Bling’s cat box?
Or is there maybe some other way to stop this.
Bling is about five or six years and so is Quatre. Both cats are fixed.
Please will someone help?


Big McLargeHuge
Purred: Sun Aug 14, '05 12:16pm PST 
I'm not entirely sure what to tell you... most cats I know of don't have their very own cat box... we all share. Perhaps only put down one litterbox and see if they will agree to use it...
As far as the dining room table goes (ew!), if you catch him at it, a spray bottle does wonders. You could try lining the edges with dishwashing soap (if they don't like the smell they might avoid getting onto it).

THe other thing to bear in mind is that often when animals act up in ways that directly affect their people (pooping on their people's beds, eating spaces, etc), they are trying to get their attention. Perhaps he's not feeling well. He might have irritable bowel or colitis or some other such thing affecting him, and this is the best way he has to tell ya.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful...! I hope this gets figured out SOON!

Marley (1990- - 2004)

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Purred: Sun Aug 14, '05 11:47pm PST 
Well, I certainly agree with Erland. Pooping on the dining room table is designed specifically to get your attention! That is a huge political statement, if you ask me. Marley was always big on political statements ... like the time she got up in my then-boyfriend's lap, acted all cute and cuddly and peed all over him. She never did like the guy.

I would guess you're right that it has to do with your other cat starting to use his litter box. Maybe try making the litter boxes different ... like put a cover on one and not on the other ... or put different types of litter in each. Did you change anything about the litter box situation? Move one? Switch brands?

Guess that wasn't much help, but I think you're on the right track.

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Purred: Mon Aug 15, '05 1:10am PST 
I wonder if putting out a 3rd (neutral) litter box would help at all.