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Purred: Fri Sep 30, '05 8:33am PST 
My mommy bought me a vibrating seal (see my pic) when I was a baby. To this day I will carry it around in my mouth, kick at it with my back feet. Sometimes when mommy comes home it will be on her bed and she knows that it was downstairs when she left. Although now that Spike is here, I haven't really played with it. He's much more fun to pounce on!

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Purred: Tue Oct 11, '05 8:09pm PST 
YES!!! I almost every day carry socks or my favorite Nerf ball or even a pair of hose around in my mouth, usually putting it on Mommy's bed while she's gone. Sometimes she and my brother have seen me carrying these things and I will also meoooowwwwww while they're in my mouth. It's a deep, kind of scary "meow". Lots of times I put these things on her bed as a gift.


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Purred: Fri Apr 28, '06 4:41pm PST 
Yep, even though I have a big step-brother who will grudgingly indulge my desire to play "chasey" with me, I still prefer to carry Monster Possum around in my mouth and play with him. Monster Possum used to be my human Mum's stuffed toy, but now he is just a small, crunchy flap of blue material that I occasionally put next to my dinner bowl.

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Purred: Fri Apr 28, '06 10:11pm PST 
I love beanie babies and carry them everywhere. Some of my favorites is a Robin, Monkey, Mouse, Squirrel, and various types of dogs. I do know the difference between my beanies and moms and try not to touch hers. But sometimes it is hard to resist some of the bears. I am not pretending that it is a kitten and I am taking care of it. Unless you call throwing it in the air, chewing, thumping and generally beating them up is taking care of them. The dogs get the worst of it. I also have a favorite drawer I like to sleep in if I am not sleeping on the bed and mom is constantly finding my favorite stuffies in the drawer or on the bed. My brother boots likes to rip up marionette type puppets. When he came to us he brought a very well loved puppet.

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Purred: Mon May 8, '06 11:40pm PST 
*blushes* I do the same thing with a big puffy grey mouse.

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