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Purred: Fri Jul 29, '05 9:40am PST 
As some of you already know iwe recently adopted a new addition to the the family, Raimi.

For the last few weeks i've tried everything to help Raimi use the catflap but he just can't get his head around it.

Iggy got it straight away. Soddie was thinking way ahead!(You know the little button that humans press in order to set the settings? At first she used to try and press that with her paw thinking it automatically opened the flap!What a little genius!).

But Raimi just can't figure it out. I've tried treats but i think that makes it worse because when he does go through it he doesn't realise!

Any tips?


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Merlyn had some issues with the kittie door at first, too. I don't use treats with him, which I guess is a bit of an advantage. He figured out where it was, just... not how to get through. I'd see him sitting there, staring at it, and I'd go over and just push him through. Knowing that he saw where it was, but just didn't know how it worked... he learned, after I pushed him through a few times, that he could just walk right through. No damage done to Merlyn, and he learned pretty quickly, after that.

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I've never had a catflap myself but my mom told me that I had an Uncle once that had some trouble learning how to use one. She taught him how by putting food on one side of the door and holding the flap up for him. He eventually went through the door. After trying this a time or two she would let the flap go as he was halfway through the door so he could feel the weight on his back and know it was okay. After doing this until he got used to it she would gently let the flap go as soon as he put his head partway through the door letting him feel the weight on his face/head. Eventually he got the hang of it and did it all by himself. I hope this is helpful. Let us know how things go. Good luck!