Mother Cat Hissing and Growling at her 4 month old kittens.

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Tohma Kitty
Purred: Wed Oct 11, '06 1:12am PST 
The mother cat of both Tohma and Runtie keeps hissing and growling at them. Even smacking them with her paw.
Tohma and Runtie are nothing but friendly with her and if they even get close to her she hisses.
Runtie and Tohma get the saddest looks on there faces when she does that.
Why would a mother cat do that to her own kittens Ive never seen a mother cat behave like this.


Rub my belly!
Purred: Thu Oct 12, '06 8:36am PST 
She is doing that because her kittens are grown now, and they are probably trying to nurse her or she thinks that is what they want. She is sick of it.

By growling and hissing, she is telling them she is done raising them. She has done her job, so beat it!

Annabelle - 829;

My heart belongs- to N'bikay
Purred: Thu Oct 12, '06 8:44am PST 
Yes, that's it exactly. It is so sad for the kittens, but they will get over it. Kitty momma's don't usually get to have their children with them for their whole life, like human children, so she is trying to make them independant.


Tohma Kitty
Purred: Thu Oct 12, '06 12:01pm PST 
Ah okay that does make a lot of sence. Were also getting her fixed soon so hopefully that will stop a lot of it. Shes already starting to be a tad nicer to them

Lady- Jazz-Min- Marie- Schultz

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Purred: Thu Oct 12, '06 1:23pm PST 
Yes, my little Henry, from an earlier litter, still tries to nurse, even though I've had other kittens!
I've yet to growl, but I keep pushing him away, sometimes not so gently.
It's really kind of cute, we'll be wrestling and playing, and he'll suddenly grab a mouthful, like I'm not going to notice! A good rabbit kick will send him rolling!