Territotial Problems in a multi-cat household

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Purred: Wed May 3, '06 1:19pm PST 
I'm Binky and I live in a household with 14 other cats (5 are girls and 9 are boys) and 1 dog (the other dog just passed away). Don't worry, my parents are not collecters, my mum stays at home and dad is newly retired and they spend their time and money looking after kitties. I
'm a "fixed" boy kitty myself, but ever since I've been living in my present home I can't stop myslf from 'marking' items around the house! I pee/mark furniture, shoes, grocery bags, almost anything that has come into contact with one of my 'evil' brothers! I think that one or two of my brothers might also be doing this and it just makes me more angry!! My parents clean up after me all the time and are thinking of putting me on a pill called 'Prozac', they say might calm my stress and anxiety.....I think that geting rid of some of my 'enemies' might be a better idea though! Some of my brothers and I get in fights and we all seem to think that we are boss (can't they see that I am?). My parents won't get rid of any of my brothers though, so I don't know what they'll do next!
Do any other kitties out there feel as I do? What did you do to make peace with your caregivers? Mine clean up after we all the time and they are getting angrier!


Little Pink- Nosies Rule!
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Please understand, I am certainly No expert on this issue!
Many families find Feliway to help. It can be bought in many places, I've seen it at PetSmart. The idea is it makes kitties calm.
Another idea I've heard of is to limit where in the house each kitty can go. That way, Binky can be kept with cats he gets along with and away from the others.
I have seen Feliway links all over Catster's pages. Clicking on one would give you more info about the product.
Good luck!

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Well that is a lot of kittys for sure, so it would be very hard to control marking of territory.. it is a natural response to the others.. it would be very difficult... Bluie