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This is a sad but caring story.♥

My mommy has been very sike for about a week now and she dosent know whats rong shes going to the " peopul Vet " tomorow to find out what it is! She has been throwing up and has a bad fiver! Okay well this is the parts about cats. Wean mommy started to fell sick Snickers came up to her and started to cuddle with her, give me kisses and comfert me I was wondering if any of your cats do this!?!

Pleas keet your paws crosted for my mommy! ♥ ! ♥ ! I relly love her and dont want to lose her!frown♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ;♥♥


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It is most important to show your human the utmost compassion when they are sick. A little lick and/or nuzzle will make them feel much better, especially if you are not the cuddly kind of kitty! I like to jump onto the stomach (careful, they are tender creatures while ill), nuzzle her face with mine, cuddle into her chest and if she pets me (which she ALWAYS does at this point) give the finger a little lick. Sometimes this makes her cry, but she's smiling at the same time, so I think it makes her feel better!

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If my mom or the kids are not feeling well I stay next to all day. I make sure I am sitting or sleeping close by so they can just reach out and pet me. The kids call me the get well cat because they say petting me makes them feel better

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mommys better now she says it's thanks to me♥! mol!

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You get the Kitty Nurse Award!
So glad to hear your Mommy's doing better. Boh, a lot of humans aren't feeling too well this week!
I do that too. Whenever Mommy is sick, or sad or something, I am with her always. I sleep on her bed, lie on her chest or right up next to her and purrrrrrrrr her well! Well, it does help. It never takes the place of a doctor, but it makes her feel better inside. I am her nurse and psychiatrist!
There are cats that do this for work. There are cats (and dogs too) who go to nursing homes and other places where the humans are ill or have psychological "issues" like depression/suicidal thoughts, things like that, and Mommy has read stories of how animals really do help in the healing process! Like in a nursing home, those seniors think they have nothing to look forward to, but when a dog or cat comes in, it cheers them up, and they look forward to the same animal visiting them daily/weekly!

Let's face it, we're miracle workers! We care about our two-legged companions!! ♥

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Kitty Nurse?!? Oh thank you I do all i can to help my mommy!♥!