stinkys under the bed

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Purred: Sun Apr 30, '06 6:57pm PST 
my owner is getting frusturated with me becasue i just dont use the litter box, i always do it under her bed. she would like to know if there is anything that she can use to prevent me making stinkys under the bed.


Devilish- Darling!
Purred: Mon May 1, '06 4:23am PST 
Oh Sparkle, why you doing that sorta thing to your mum for, she dont do peepee in your bed...

Please ask your mum to have your urine checked by the vet, some vets will except a fresh clean sample in a jar to test with a urine strip and some vets can easily take urine from a needle into the bladder.
You first need to rule out any problems like urine track infection or cystitis, yep its common in cats.

If you are clear from problems then you need to try other things, maybe close of the under the bed part, enclose your litter tray. Try medications to calm you down.

I know this might not to much info to help but I do hope you find an answer within.

Good luck
Please let us know how you get on


Hey its black- out here
Purred: Mon May 1, '06 2:00pm PST 
Hey sparky... I think we are brothers!!! I love to pee under mom's bed! She was realy upset. For me some lemon air fresner have worked as I don't like that smell. Before trying this you should clean your under bed. The cat urine smell for a while. If you have carpets try to use Nature's miracle on it. That works!!! After that once its dry spray the natural air freshner. By the time the Nature's Miracle dry you should block the way to under you bed.
When mom doesn't clean our litter box daily we are going pee and poops elsewhere so she have to be carefull with that. Us cats don't like to go on stinky places! We are too precious!