This is a place to gain some understanding of cat behavior and to assist people in training their cats and dealing with common behavior problems, regardless of the method(s) used. Keep in mind that you may be receiving advice from other cat owners and lovers...not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a trainer or behaviorist!

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Chey's Purroud- Hubby!
Purred: Sat Apr 29, '06 1:41pm PST 
I can sit, lay down, and sit up!

Love and Purrs,
The Wild Child


I'm the- purrrrfect cat- ever!
Purred: Mon May 1, '06 2:06pm PST 
I can do unusual tricks like open the doors but my best one is to flush the toilet. I have more regular ones too like come when called, walk on leash, off, laydown and that is about it. Don't tell mom but soon I will be able to open the water tap. Oh I ask for the door, I can open a door from in a room (its harder than from the outside!), I travel free in the car, stay on mom's lap when at the vet and I can tame wild cats and dogs... that one it's because I'm to wunderfull!!!


I'm a terror
Purred: Mon May 1, '06 2:07pm PST 
I can fetch and come when called! I can terrorized a dog too!!!

Tigga- (1996-2013)

The Chemist
Purred: Mon May 1, '06 3:48pm PST 
I ring a bell that hangs on the door when I want to out and knock on the door with my paw when I want to come back in.

Blade- (2000-2010)

Purred: Mon May 1, '06 3:49pm PST 
If I have any food in my dish that I'm 'saving', I cover it up with a piece of kitchen paper myself.

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