I Make Mess in the Water Dish!

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Lady Oohbe
Purred: Wed Apr 5, '06 10:48am PST 
Help! My momma is at her wits end about this...I go to my water dish and start making a mess...shoveling water out and splashing it all over the floor...it takes a lot of paper towels to clean it up! Daddy thinks it is because I want to clean my feet after going in the litterbox (which is changed daily) but Momma has also caught me doing it even when I don't use the litterbox! We also have a mat by the box to catch out litter for us so it doesn't track everywhere...if anyone has any advice, please help us! Oh, our water is also changed daily and our dish is one of those one gallon thingies that makes noise when you drink from it (like a human water fountain at your job!) (PS I am the only kitty in our family that does this!)


Behavior and- name go hand in- hand.
Purred: Wed Apr 5, '06 12:27pm PST 
I used to do that. I would tip my bowl over, I would splash it every where. Momma gave me a bowl that was too heavy to tip ( sounds like you already have one for that) but she also made sure the it was big enough for me to drink but small enough so that I couldn't splash as much. She also put an old towel under it. I actually out grew it and now I just milk the floor infront of the bowl. Momma always laughs at me for this. I guess she thinks its cute.

Azurine- Ambrosia

Purred: Fri Apr 7, '06 5:47am PST 
I love my water, I do, I do, tell mommsie her lucky, I go get my toys and trys to drown them, what is a cat to do if her toys are bad.. I slap it all over and jumps in it. Her got the water fountains so it is not as easy but I still try, the one auto water dish I have is a tall bottle which connects to the dish, I can't tip that over and my fountain she go from Dr SmithFoster, is low and flat so can't tip that over either.. it is natural for us to want to play in it, you know we might catch a fisy Bluie

Kitty Mongoose

Bringing Back- Old Fashion Sass
Purred: Fri Apr 7, '06 9:24am PST 
This is the human speaking... My kitty does this too, I got so fed up I got her those water bottles with the rolling ball at the end. She learned how to drink from it rather quickly and no more water mess.


Baby Princess- Maggie
Purred: Tue Apr 11, '06 1:44pm PST 
I love to play in the water! I make a total mess of the floor all the time! I also dunk all my toys in them before I play with them... they gotta be cleaned somehow! Momma gets annoyed when I give her my ball to throw and it's soaking wet! LOL When momma & daddy went to Disney World they got us a cute little water dish that has pictures of all the Disney cats on it, spent a pretty penny on it, well it was so small that I would almost completely drain the bowl of water in one time, and then the mat under it and the floor would get wet... so momma went back to the regular bigger bowl and I make a mess but not as much!

Jack the- GiantCat- HumphreyRIP

"I am the Giant- Cat!"
Purred: Tue Apr 11, '06 2:32pm PST 
Maybe you like the gloop-gloop sound the water thingy makes. If your water is changed every day by your good parents maybe you kitties can try a biggy dog water dish instead. Who knows? But I also think that a big old towel underneath is also a good thing to do. However, "Water is Fun" is a kitty motto, I believe!